Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Rick and Morty season two TV billboards...

Rick and Morty season 2 billboard
Adult Swim's fan-favourite animated series Rick and Morty returns for its dimension-hopping second season, so get ready for more outrageous misadventures through time and space with the mad scientist and his gullible grandson.
Rick and Morty season 2 billboard Sunset Strip
Just what alternate worlds and parodies of your favourite science fiction films and genres this twisted homage to Back to the Future's 'Doc Brown' and 'Marty McFly' will encounter this season are yet to be seen, but we're sure the new episodes will leave you hungry for more.
Hungry for apples Rick and Morty season 2 teaser billboard
Daily Billboard is sure there'll be more gems, like Morty's father's marketing slogan, 'Hungry for Apples?', to enjoy this season and even more chaotic happenings to befall their family as the stumble and burp their way through the multiverse.
Rick and Morty season 2 Adult Swim billboard
The 'Hungry for Apples?' teaser billboard was spied along Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood on July 14, whilst the second season 'portal' ad creative was snapped in the same ad location on July 25, 2015.
Rick and Morty season 2 billboard
If you're a fan of the satirical sci-fi show and are hungry for more, be sure to also check out this fantastic 3D crashed spacecraft billboard for the first season of Rick and Morty from the end of 2013.
Rick and Morty season 2 apples teaser billboard
A genius mad inventor and his naive sidekick hopping from universe to universe, what could possibly go wrong? Just watch and see.
Rick and Morty season 2 billboard

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