Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nest Cam paw prints and more billboards...

Nest Cam paw print special extension billboard
Have you ever wondered what your dog or cat gets up to when you're not home? Next year's new animated movie, The Secret Life of Pets, may help explain things, but if you can't wait that long, maybe you need a new Nest Cam.
Nest Cam paw print billboards Sunset Strip
If you ever come home to find a mess of shredded toys, clothes and furniture, or paw prints from spilled food and liquids, now you'll be able to find out who the culprit is, or better yet keep an eye on them all day to make sure they're not getting up to mischief.
Nest Cam paw print billboard
This duo of interconnected billboards along the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood helps convey the benefits of the new Nest video streaming device in a fun way, whether it's to keep your home or family safe. Plus it also comes with Night Vision capabilities in case of things that go bump in the night.
Nest Cam Innocent Until proven guilty billboard
Nest Cam billboard
This Nest Cam special extension billboard with its continuing paw print design on the opposite side of Sunset Boulevard (which is part of a wider outdoor ad campaign) was snapped on July 5, 2015.

For more examples of this clever two-part billboard installation, be sure to check out this JCPenney billboard example, these season one billboards for The Bridge TV series and these Google Play music billboards (and no, Daily Billboard isn't on commission, but will gladly accept it).
Nest Cam Innocent Until proven guilty paw print billboards
UPDATED: Here's another single creative with a baby crib mobile theme helping to convey the multiple uses for Nest's 'nanny cam'.
Nest Cam baby mobile billboard
This square ad version was spied along Beverly Boulevard on July 24, 2015.
Nest Cam baby mobile billboard
UPDATED: Here's another fun billboard for the Nest Cam, this one with a sporty broken window 'Know whodunnit' theme, snapped along Robertson Boulevard on August 8, 2015.
Know Whodunnit Nest Cam billboard
UPDATED: In addition here's another clever creative in a unique ad location on the side of the W Hotel in Hollywood.
Witness the mayhem in HD Nest Cam billboard
This 'Witness the mayhem in HD' billboard was snapped high above Hollywood Boulevard on August 16, 2015.
Witness the mayhem Nest Cam billboards
UPDATED: Here's also the follow-up ad creative for the Nest Cam, perfectly timed before the gift-giving season.
magic of home Nest Cam giant billboard
This giant-sized 'The magic of home' billboard was snapped along West Hollywood's busy Sunset Strip on November 11, 2015.
Nest Cam magic of home billboard

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