Friday, July 31, 2015

Fear the Walking Dead series premiere TV billboards...

Fear the Walking Dead series premiere billboard
Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your TV sets this Summer, along comes the onset of the zombie apocalypse with Fear the Walking Dead.
Fear the Walking Dead series premiere billboard
There's no wonder that AMC's new companion series to their ratings winner wanted to keep The Walking Dead in the title somehow, as you instantly know what universe the spinoff inhabits.

The main difference here is that this show will explore the beginnings of the zombie epidemic, or to put it another way, all those month that 'Rick Grimes' was unconscious in the hospital.
Fear the Walking Dead season 1 billboard
Another departure is that Fear the Walking Dead will take place in Los Angeles, and these billboards feel very at home in the skies of L.A. with the ad creative featuring two kids playing basketball as the sun rises over Downtown, unaware as a zombie ambles towards them up the street.
Fear the Walking Dead series launch billboard
The main characters in this unfolding nightmare will be a widowed guidance counselor, 'Madison' (Kim Dickens), and school teacher 'Travis' (Cliff Curtis), whose relationship status is already complicated as they both have children from previous marriages, two for her, one for him.
Fear the Walking Dead season 1 billboard
As if family drama wasn't bad enough, they now have the dawn of an undead apocalypse and flesh-eating walkers to contend with.

These ominous series premiere billboards are just perfect for the new series and were snapped along Sunset Boulevard on July 29, 2015.
Fear the Walking Dead series billboard
If you're a fan of the parent show, be sure to also check out all these previous season billboards for The Walking Dead.

Normally Daily Billboard would say that you don't always need to be shown in intimate detail the origins of an event, but this series will no doubt answer many questions that fans have about the early days of the zombie plague and the downfall of humanity. Plus from the sounds of things it will be told through the perspective of a very different group of people in another city (famous for its multitude of billboards), and that should make the dynamic as equally exciting as the original.
Fear the Walking Dead season 1 billboard
UPDATED: Now that the first gripping short season of Fear the Walking Dead is over, here's another portrait format billboard of the series launch billboard spied high over Vine Street in Hollywood on October 9, 2015.
Fear the Walking Dead season 1 billboard

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