Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sense8 series premiere TV billboards...

Sense 8 series premiere billboard
With Netflix's new Sense8 series (pronounced 'Sensate'), the Wachowski's may have finally refound their mojo on the small screen after losing their way on the big screen with The Matrix sequels and Jupiter Ascending (of course they also have a helping hand from Babylon 5's J. Michael Straczynski).

No strangers to weaving intricate characters and storylines, as the phenomenally underrated Cloud Atlas proved, their new TV venture is a daring, global affair filled with diversity, intrigue and more than enough surprises and ideas to keep audiences hooked.
Sense 8 season 1 billboard
Daryl Hannah stars in the very first episode to literally expand the minds of the eight main characters - a transgender blogger and former hacker living in San Francisco, a Korean businesswoman with a penchant for mixed martial arts held back by duty and her mother's dying wish, a Chicago cop and a Berlin safecracker both haunted by their father's pasts, an Indian woman about to be wed to a man she doesn't love, an Icelandic DJ mixing tracks and drug dealers in London, a closeted Mexican movie star and a bus driver in Nairobi caring for his HIV positive mother.
Sense 8 series premiere billboard
What connects all these disparate individuals and makes them start dreaming about each other, seeing visions of the other seven's lives and being able to use each other's talents? Maybe Lost's Naveen Andrews will be able to explain all during the first binge-worthy twelve-episodes.
Sense 8 Netflix series billboard
These cool Sense 8 billboards, which hint at the diverse characters and locations around the world, were snapped along Olympic Boulevard on June 4 and another creative two days later along Santa Monica Boulevard in West L.A.
Sense 8 series launch billboard
Design wise this green tint has proven popular in the past year, with everything from Justified's final season billboards and Looking's second season billboards favouring the colour in their ads.

Let's hope this psychic new series expands audiences minds enough to convince Netflix to commission a second exciting season.
Sense 8 billboard

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