Saturday, June 6, 2015

Hannibal season three TV billboard...

Hannibal season 3 billboard
The fact that Hannibal survived to see a third season after far from stellar ratings, proves that it has a strong cult following and that it offers something unlike anything else on TV at the moment.

The truth is, Hannibal is one of the most exquisitely filmed shows on television, even if at times it feels like 'Hannibal Lecter's' very own cannibalistic reality cooking show.
Hannibal season 3 billboard
NBC must have some faith in the series as it's moved it out of the Friday night graveyard slot to Thursday nights now that Hannibal is a confirmed killer and on the run (with Gillian Anderson no less).

The question is, who survived the carnage at the end of the second season to go after him?

This 'Savor the hunt' season three billboard with the devilishly wonderful Mads Mikkelsen was spied along Sunset Boulevard on May 28, 2015.
Hannibal season 3 Savor the Hunt billboard
If you're a fan of the thrilling horror series, be sure to also check out these clever Hannibal season one and two billboards.

Plus fans of the show will also want to take a look at the exclusive Hannibal week-long Prop Store auction taking place on Thursday June 18 to Thursday June 25, 2015, where you can buy authentic costumes, props and memorabilia from the first two seasons.

The phrase "my wife and I would love to have you for dinner" has never sounded so sinister. Be careful what you eat folks.
Hannibal series 3 NBC billboard

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