Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Zoo series premiere TV billboards...

Zoo series premiere billboard
Things are getting a bit wild in the skies of L.A. at the moment and it's all thanks to the new television show coming to our screens this Summer, Zoo.
Zoo series premiere billboard
The original CBS thriller is based on best-selling author James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge's 2012 novel of the same name.

Scientists have recently proclaimed that the Earth is heading for its sixth extinction-level event, so the time seems right for wildlife to rise up and supplant the human race.
Zoo season 1 billboard
With global animal attacks against mankind sweeping the planet, young unorthodox American zoologist 'Jackson Oz' (played by James Wolk) notices this pattern of strange behavior, and must race to unlock the mystery of this pandemic before it's too late.
Zoo season 1 billboard
These billboards for the series premiere of Zoo, which seem like they're looking right at you, were snapped above the intersection of Beverly Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue opposite CBS Studios on June 7, plus along the busy Sunset Strip in West Hollywood on June 19, 2015.
Zoo series premiere billboard
By the sounds of things, you'll probably never look at your pets in the same way, so keep some treats handy and an escape plan in mind.
Zoo series premiere CBS billboard

Monday, June 29, 2015

Scream TV remake billboards...

Scream TV remake billboard
Can MTV repeat the TV remake success it's enjoyed with the likes of Teen Wolf with its new television reboot of the Scream movie franchise?
Scream series premiere billboard
After four movies which put a postmodern spin on the slasher horror genre where teenagers were targeted by a masked murderer (which ran from 1996 to 2011), the concept is getting a modern day episodic update with smartphones and social media being the new weapons of terror (oh, and knives of course).
Scream series premiere billboard
So far the most controversial thing about the TV reboot of Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson's big screen original, which acknowledged and parodied traditional horror movie conventions, is the replacement of the iconic 'Ghostface' killer's mask with a new version.
Scream You'll never see it coming billboard
This series premiere billboard for Scream: The TV Series was snapped along the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood on June 24, 2015.

With Scream Queens also debuting on Fox this Fall, teen slasher shows are obviously the new TV trend this year.

Only time will tell whether you'll never see the twists ands turns coming in this bloody TV reinvention, and if the show can sustain the mystery, terror and gore for an entire season.
Scream MTV season 1 billboard
UPDATED: Here's also some extra support for the new TV series in the form of a super-sized billboard along Wilshire Boulevard.
Giant Scream MTV series billboard
"You'll never see it coming", but you can't miss this giant billboard snapped on July 11, 2015.
Giant Scream series premiere billboard

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Humans series premiere TV billboards...

Humans series premiere billboard
This year has certainly seen an exploration of artificial intelligence on the big screen, with hits and misses from Chappie, to Avengers: Age of Ultron, the excellent Ex Machina and a new Terminator movie imminent, so how will Humans fare on the small screen as it tackles the intriguing subject matter.
Humans series premiere billboard
Adapted from the Swedish TV series Äkta Människor (Real Humans), this new British version airing on AMC is set in a parallel modern day world to ours, where eerily lifelike robots, or Synths, exist to serve mankind.
Humans season 1 billboard
Gemma Chan plays 'Anita' in this fresh slice of sci-fi, purchased by 'Joe Hawkins' (Tom Goodman-Hill) to help his family, against the wishes of his wife (Katherine Parkinson). As you can probably imagine, things don't go to plan.
Humans series premiere billboard
Humans AMC series billboard
These series premiere landscape billboards for Humans were snapped along La Cienega Boulevard on June 2 and along Melrose Avenue on June 5, whilst the square wall version was spotted on June 18, 2015.
Humans season 1 billboard
For more science fiction featuring robots, be sure to also check out these Almost Human TV series billboards and Real Steel movie billboards.

Will this be the rise of the machines you've been waiting for?
Humans series premiere billboard
UPDATED: Before Westworld came along, AMC's Humans was exploring artificial intelligence in humanoid form in an everyday way.
Humans season 2 Reboot Recharge Rebel billboard
Here's a sophomore season poster and billboard for the show snapped along Fairfax Avenue and La Cienega Boulevard and on January 26 and February 5, 2017, respectively. The 'Reboot Recharge Rebel' tagline seems very timely with America's current political climate, especially with a female face (Gemma Chan) so prominent.
Humans season 2 Reboot Recharge Rebel poster

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Giant Peroni Sailor Girl billboard along the Sunset Strip...

Giant Peroni Nastro Azzurro Sailor Girl billboard Sunset Strip
Italy's Peroni Nastro Azzurro premium lager brand originally launched with iconic 1960's blonde 'Sailor Girl' ads and last year the U.K. advertising agency, The Bank, refreshed the campaign for a new generation of beer drinkers.
Giant Peroni beer Sailor Girl billboard Sunset Strip
Created in 1963, 'Nastro Azzurro' is Italian for Blue Ribbon and the name was chosen to honour the SS Rex Italian ocean liner, the winner of the Blue Riband in 1933.
Natalia Borges Peroni Sailor Girl billboard
Now the Sunset Strip is getting to enjoy the classic nautical style of stripes and sailor hat, plus the modern beauty of international supermodel Natalia Borges, with this super-sized ad creative snapped on the side of the Mondrian Hotel on June 19, 2015.
Giant Natalia Borges Peroni beer Sailor Girl billboard
Plus further west along the Strip this smaller landscape Peroni creative (with the all-important bottle product shot) was spotted on June 15, 2015, which first appeared along Sunset Boulevard last June when the new campaign was launched.
Peroni beer Sailor Hat billboard
If you like these striking ads bringing Italian style to L.A. (and the world of beer), be sure to also check out Peroni's previous billboard from 2010.

Plus to see how different brewery brands market their products, be sure to also check out these other beer outdoor advertising campaigns from recent times.

Here's to fun times on the high seas wherever you may be this weekend.
Giant Peroni beer Sailor Girl billboard West Hollywood
UPDATED: Peroni certainly loves its hats, as the ad creatives which followed the Sailor Girl wore a sun hat.
Peroni beer sun hat Jan 2016 billboard
The first two billboard examples were captured along the Sunset Strip and Highland Avenue from January 8 to January 12, 2016.
Peroni beer sun hat January 2016 billboards
Meanwhile the follow-up billboard with the beer bottle and added lager glass was snapped high above San Vicente Boulevard on January 19, 2017.
Peroni beer sun hat Jan 2017 billboard
And later than spring, the Peroni girl found herself wrapped in a branded towel in a billboard spied along the Sunset Strip on May 1, 2017.
Peroni beer spring 2017 towel billboard

Friday, June 26, 2015

Scream Queens series premiere TV billboards...

Scream Queens series lipstick knife billboard
Recently most TV networks and cable channels have either been campaigning for Emmy Awards or showcasing their Summer season offerings, but not so for Fox, they've been heavily promoting their new Fall 2015 show, Scream Queens.
Scream Queens Pretty evil billboard
Even though the killer new show from Ryan Murphy, the brainchild behind such hits as Glee and American Horror Story, doesn't premiere for months yet, everyone obviously hopes that this dark comedy horror will be the next must-see hit series.
Scream Queens bubblegum billboard
Set at a fictitious college campus where the girls of Kappa House are dying for new sorority pledges, someone has stolen the school's devil mascot costume and is murdering people.
Scream Queens series lipstick billboard
Emma Roberts stars as 'Chanel Oberlin', the queen bitch in charge, who is ordered by the original scream queen, Jamie Lee Curtis, who is Dean of the school, to accept all pledges and not from just the elite students.
Scream Queens season 1 billboard
Scream Queens also stars Lea Michele like you've never seen her before, Keke Palmer, Abigail Breslin, Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, Niecy Nash and more familiar faces rounding out the campus cast (and fodder for the deadly horned killer).
Scream Queens season 1 billboard
Emma Roberts fun bubblegum teaser billboard was first spied way back on May 19 along the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, whilst the Keke Palmer bubblegum version was spotted along Pico Boulevard on June 2 and the lipstick knife ad creative was photographed along Venice Boulevard and Pico Boulevard on June 5, 2015.
Scream Queens bubblegum billboard
These striking red billboards certainly cut through the clutter in the skies of L.A., but you have to wonder if they'll seem tired if they are not refreshed before the Fall.
Scream Queens series premiere billboard
Funnily enough Emma Roberts is no stranger to the horror genre after starring in the fourth installment in the Scream film franchise, so does that make her the prime suspect or main target in this series (we know how Ryan Murphy likes his shocking twists).
Scream Queens series premiere billboard
Can the new show which is part comedy, part slasher flick (described as a mix of Heathers and Friday the 13th) capture audiences hearts, or will it all be a bloody mess?

Tune in this September to find out.
Scream Queens series teaser billboard
UPDATED: We've been teased for too long and now it's time to get to the bloody truth with this series launch billboard for Scream Queens, featuring Emma Roberts, Keke Palmer, Nick Jonas and Jamie Lee Curtis.
Scream Queens series premiere billboard
This deliciously dark billboard snapped along Pico Boulevard on August 12, 2015 seems to imply that one of these people may have blood on their hands, is one the killer?
Scream Queens series launch billboard
UPDATED: Here's another bloody billboard featuring more of the cast, including a dorky looking Lea Michele in her scoliosis neck brace, pop star Ariana Grande, Diego Boneta and Skyler Samuels, snapped along La Cienega Boulevard on August 19, 2015.
Scream Queens series premiere billboard
UPDATED: Here's also an extra-long billboard for the series featuring all the characters spied along 10th Avenue in New York City on October 31, 2015.
Scream Queen series launch billboard NYC
UPDATED: Fox's serial killer comedy is moving from its college setting to a hospital for its sophomore season.
Scream Queens season 2 billboard
Here's a bandaged face season two teaser for Scream Queens spied along the Sunset Strip on July 14, 2016.
Scream Queens season 2 billboard
UPDATED: Plus here's another 'Oh. My. Gauze.' billboard for the sophomore season showcasing some of the headline cast snapped at Fox Studios along Pico Boulevard on October 1, 2016.

And if you're a fan of the show, be sure to check out these Scream Queens costumes on display at the FIDM Museum in L.A.
Scream Queens season 2 billboard

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Marvel's Ant-Man movie billboards

Giant AntMan light switch movie billboard Sunset Strip
Now here's a refreshingly original billboard idea along the Sunset Strip in all it's super-sized glory, as Marvel's Ant-Man eschews the standard superhero pose, which is becoming a bit tired of late, for a far more inventive ad creative for the diminutive hero.
Giant AntMan light switch movie billboard
This brilliant light-switch billboard gives the optical illusion of being 3D on a giant scale and also conveys the fun that can be had with a comic book character that can shrink to the size of an ant.
Giant Ant-Man light switch billboard
The other billboards in the outdoor ad campaign for this Marvel hero aren't too bad either, as this special extension version brings bullet-time excitement on the back of a flying ant.
Ant-Man special extension movie billboard
And can you spot our miniscule hero atop the hyphen in his name in this smaller ad creative.
Ant-Man movie billboard
Ant-Man brings Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a close and introduces the world to the size-changing, ant-controlling 'Scott Lang', played by funny guy Paul Rudd.
Giant Ant-Man light switch movie billboard
Changing his comic book origins slightly, Michael Douglas plays Scott's mentor in the film, 'Dr. Hank Pym', who along with his daughter 'Hope Van Dyne' (Lost's Evangeline Lily), provide the con-man with a super-suit that allows him to shrink at will, providing super-strength at ant-size and the ability to communicate with insects to pull off a crime heist to help protect mankind.
Ant-Man special movie billboard
Along with trying to reform from his criminal ways and raise his daughter, 'Cassie', Ant-Man must also face his own insect-themed nemesis, 'Yellowjacket' (who in the comics is another alter-ego of Hank Pym), played by The Strain's Corey Stoll.
Giant AntMan light switch billboard
This super-sized light-switch billboard was snapped making a spectacle along L.A.'s Sunset Strip on June 24, whilst the small Ant-Man logo version was spied the same day along Fairfax Avenue and the special extension billboard was spotted above Santa Monica Boulevard near Westwood Boulevard two days earlier.
AntMan film billboard
If you're an admirer of Paul Rudd (who is looking mighty fine as Scott Lang), you can also check the actor out in these fun Anchorman 2 movie billboards, this Dinner for Schmucks billboard and this How Do You Know film billboard.

Marvel fans will also want to get a closer look at Paul Rudd's Ant-Man movie costume on display at ArcLight Hollywood cinema.
Marvel Ant-Man special extension billboard
Plus be sure to also check out these movie billboards for Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America movie billboards, Thor movie billboards and Iron Man movie billboards, whose mighty ranks he'll soon be joining no doubt.
Giant Marvel AntMan light switch billboard
He may seem small with the unlikeliest of powers, but this Summer heroes don't get any bigger, so get switched on to Ant-Man
Ant-Man movie billboard
UPDATED: Here's another special extension billboard for Ant-Man, which is such a fun film and a real treat for Marvel fans, spied along Ventura Boulevard in Studio City on July 2, 2015.
AntMan special movie billboard
Plus here's also a larger landscape billboard featuring the Ant-Man logo, snapped along Olympic Boulevard on July 10, 2015.
AntMan movie billboard
UPDATED: In addition these bus shelter and construction hoarding posters also illustrate how creative and how much fun the Ant-Man outdoor campaign has been.
Ant-Man movie posters Los Angeles
These examples featuring the main cast of the movie in soft focus with our minuscule hero in sharper focus, were snapped at the corner of Beverly and La Cienega Boulevards on July 6, 2015. 
AntMan film posters