Thursday, May 28, 2015

TV WEEK: HBO Emmy Consideration 2015 billboards...

Game of Thrones season 5 Emmy 2015 billboard
Last year HBO garnered a whopping 99 Emmy nominations for its shows and movies and took home 19 accolades, more than any other network on both counts, so it's no wonder that it spends so much money on its outdoor Emmy Consideration ad campaign.
Veep season 4 Emmy 2015 billboard
Yes, it's that special time of year again and once again HBO has incorporated the season key art for each of their series and utilised positive quotes and reviews from media publications, radio stations and websites to help sell the shows and nab as many nominations as possible.
Last Week Tonight John Oliver Emmy 2015 billboard
Daily Billboard first spied the updated fifth season Game of Thrones Emmy billboard on May 10 with its "The best TV show ever" quote, and after spying the amended Veep and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver creatives, wondered if this year's theme was 'the best'.
Silicon Valley season 2 Emmy 2015 billboard
However as more HBO Emmy billboards started appearing though May 20, 2015, we realised this was not the case. Maybe there weren't enough 'best' reviews to go around, or maybe it's impossible for every single one of their shows to literally be the best on TV, as that's a bit contradictory.
The Leftovers Emmy 2015 billboard
The second season of HBO's tech comedy, Silicon Valley, was "Start-to-finish hilarious" according to Variety, whilst the first season adapting Tom Perrotta's book The Leftovers was described as "Powerful" in The New Yorker's opinion (although the word Daily Billboard would probably have used would be "Depressing").
Bill Maher Emmy 2015 billboard
The ever outspoken Bill Maher was labelled "Provocative" by The Hollywood Reporter for his political talk show and HBO's Olive Kitteridge mini-series was proclaimed a "Masterpiece" by NPR (and the Golden Globes must have agreed as Frances McDormand was nominated for Best Actress for the titular role).
Olive Kitteridge Emmy 2015 billboard
This year their cohesive Emmy campaign also seems to include a billboard for HBO's sister premium channel, Cinemax, supporting the debut of their period medical drama, The Knick, which was described as "Truly bold" by The Hollywood Reporter.
The Knick season 1 Emmy billboard
Be sure to compare this year's contenders with the HBO Emmy billboard campaign from 2014 and ads from 2013.
Game of Thrones Emmy 2015 billboard
Plus take a look at what the competition did with these other Emmy Consideration 2014 ad campaigns.
Veep Emmy 2015 billboard
An Emmy Award recognises excellence in the television industry and to win is great, but supporting your programming with high profile outdoor ad campaigns in L.A. also helps stroke the egos of the talent involved in producing them (we know what delicate flowers they can be).
Last Week Tonight John Oliver Emmy billboard
Also in these days of the digital world we live in with DVR and VOD viewing habits, an Emmy win may encourage someone to check out a series or season they've previously missed, and binge-watch it in its entirety.
Silicon Valley 2015 Emmy billboard
 Daily Billboard loves this time of year when all the studios and networks start battling it out in the city skyline to grab your attention, not just for new season shows and returning favourites, but also for television from the past twelve months.
The Leftovers Emmy 2015 billboard
Daily Billboard is sure more HBO Emmy billboards may pop up at some stage, possibly for Girls and Vice, so we'll keep our eyes to the skies.
Real Time Bill Maher Provocative Emmy billboard
Plus stay tuned for even more Emmy Consideration billboards from other channels and networks in the days and weeks to come.
Olive Kitteridge Masterpiece Emmy 2015 billboard
Who wants to place bets on how many Emmy nominations HBO will receive this year? Will it be over or under 100 do you think?
The Knick Truly Bold Emmy billboard
UPDATED: OMG, how could Daily Billboard have forgotten 'Valerie Cherish' from The Comeback amongst HBO's pantheon of starlets?
The Comeback Emmy 2015 billboard
Here's the Emmy billboard, snapped along Beverly Boulevard on May 28, 2015, for the comedy that made its triumphant return after almost ten years and yes, it was worth it. "Dazzling... sharp and funny", indeed.
The Comeback Emmy 2015 billboard
UPDATED: As predicted, here's also the "Brilliant" Emmy billboard for the fourth season of Girls, spied along Sepulveda Boulevard on May 29, 2015.
Girls season 4 Emmy 2015 billboard
UPDATED: Here's also a "Masterful" Emmy billboard for the HBO film Nightingale, starring Selma's David Oyelowo, snapped along Robertson Boulevard on June 2.
Nightingale Masterful Emmy 2015 billboard
In addition, here's also the official billboard creative for the movie spied along La Cienega Boulevard on May 19, 2015.
Nightingale HBO film billboard
Plus here's the Emmy billboard for the truly "Groundbreaking" documentary series about Robert Durst (the notorious killer that got away with murder quite literally, until now, because of this HBO show). This ad creative for the The Jinx was spied along Pico Boulevard on June 5, 2015.
The Jinx Groundbreaking Emmy 2015 billboard
And here's the Emmy billboard to support Queen Latifah's "Tour de force" performance as Bessie Smith, the legendary blues singer, spotted along Venice Boulevard on June 6, 2015.
Bessie Tour de force Emmy 2015 billboard

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