Monday, May 11, 2015

Tomorrowland movie billboards...

Giant Tomorrowland movie billboard
Are you ready for Tomorrowland, an amazing place where anything is possible? Well, ready or not, here it comes courtesy of Disney and director Brad Bird, starring George Clooney.
Tomorrowland movie billboard
The funny thing is, even though this sci-fi adventure shares the same name as one of the futuristic-themed lands at Disney's theme parks you'd find it hard to tell by looking at the outdoor ad campaign for the movie.
Tomorrowland movie billboard
Daily Billboard is surprised that they didn't capitalise on the name and association more to get the science fiction message across more clearly, especially as the film's working title was 1952 until it was renamed Tomorrowland.
Giant Tomorrowland movie billboard
Another thing that surprises Daily Billboard is the absence of The Secret Circle and Under the Dome's Britt Robertson, who is the young heroine of the movie, 'Casey Newton', and who featured heavily in the teasers and trailers for the film.

Are Disney worried that if they showed a girl on the key artwork for the movie they'd alienate boys from watching?
Tomorrowland film billboard
What little we do know about the film is that after discovering a fantastical pin, Casey is transported to the technological wonder of Tomorrowland which somehow leads her to the reclusive genius 'Frank Walker', played by Clooney. What is her and his connection to this futuristic world? We guess you'd better watch the film to find out.
Giant Tomorrowland movie billboard
The wistful portrait billboard version was first spied above Hollywood's Vine Street on April 11, whilst the standard landscape billboards were snapped along La Brea Avenue on May 2 and later along Melrose Avenue on May 10, 2015.

The giant-sized billboard was also snapped towering over West Hollywood's Sunset Plaza on May 10, 2015.
Tomorrowland movie billboard
If you're a fan of George Clooney, be sure to also check out these billboards for The Monuments Men and The Ides of March.

Plus if you want to see a billboard with Britt Robertson, you can take a look at this billboard for The Secret Circle TV show from 2011.

On May 22 will you be traveling to the cinema to uncover the mysteries and secrets of this Tomorrowland?

UPDATED: Get a closer look at some of the original costumes and props featured in Tomorrowland on display.

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