Friday, May 22, 2015

More Shot on iPhone 6 billboards...

Shot on iPhone 6 ship Garrett C billboard
If there's one thing to help dispel the gloomy 'May grey' dominating L.A.'s skies at the moment it's Apple's continuation of their Shot on iPhone 6 billboard series.
Shot on iPhone 6 stag billboard
The tech giant's phenomenal user-generated outdoor ad campaign not only celebrates photography with spectacular imagery, but also highlights the smartphone's ability to take such quality pictures with its built-in camera and apps.
Shot on iPhone 6 striped dog Noah W billboard
Eschewing the brand's usual advertising focus on showcasing product design this new out-of-home campaign launched at the beginning of March this year, and Daily Billboard spotted this new wave of creatives start to appear at the end of April through May 19, 2015.
Shot on iPhone 6 Cole R billboard Sunset Vine
Shot on iPhone 6 Steven I billboard
In some instances some of the ad creatives have merely moved between billboard ad locations or switched size formats to help refresh the skyline, but there also seem to be a whole host of new images to surprise and delight (those of us who love this stuff).
Shot on iPhone 6 dandelion billboard
If visits to Daily Billboard's pages are anything to go by, we're not the only ones loving this advertising campaign and wanting to know and see more. So, voila.
Shot on iPhone 6 Renee M billboard
Shot on iPhone 6 Above clouds billboard
If you like this new set of inspiring creatives, be sure to also enjoy this launch wave of Shot on iPhone 6 billboards that graced the Los Angeles skyline (and other cities around the globe).
Shot on iPhone 6 cityscape billboard
Do you have a favourite amongst this striking assortment? Why not share which of these billboards has caught your eye the most in recent months.

We're sure these won't be the last we spy in the weeks to come.
Shot on iPhone 6 striped dog billboard
UPDATED: Another month and another new wave of creatives for this stunning photographic campaign.
Shot on iPhone 6 ocean sunset billboard
Here's just a selection of the new additions gracing L.A.'s streets from June 2, 2015, with many more to follow no doubt.
Shot on iPhone 6 cresting wave Zak N billboard
It's so nice to see the skies filled with this variety of imagery of the natural beauty our world has to offer, from amazing ocean sunsets, cresting waves and beautiful blossom.
Shot on iPhone 6 Makiko F billboard
It's a refreshing alternative to all the guns, explosions and graphic out-of-home imagery that can make you feel a little jaded and desensitised at times.
Shot on iPhone 6 blossom boat billboard
Daily Billboard wishes that we could take all our billboard shots on the iPhone 6, but no matter how hard we try, they never come out like this (must be too shaky a hand at the controls).
Shot on iPhone 6 Mikey D billboard
UPDATED: Here's another spectacular image from the fresh wave of billboards spied along Melrose Avenue on June 6, 2015.
Shot on iPhone 6 Freek vd D billboard
Plus a larger cornfield creative spied high over Wilshire Boulevard near the La Brea Tar Pits the next day.
Shot on iPhone 6 Koichi M cornfield billboard
Shot on iPhone 6 cactus billboard
UPDATED: Here's the eastbound view of the Sunset Vine Tower in Hollywood with another cool creative. This vertical cactus billboard was snapped on June 17, 2015.
Shot on iPhone 6 Austin M cactus billboard
And here's what looks like the landscape version of this image, snapped along Wilshire Boulevard on July 4, 2015.
Shot on iPhone 6 Austin M cactus billboard
UPDATED: Interestingly there's been another wave of creatives for this outdoor campaign, but this time the billboards are sharing the skies with ads for Apple's new music streaming service, imaginatively called 'Apple Music'.
Shot on iPhone 6 Greek Isle billboard
More on those ads soon, but for now enjoy these two striking billboards, the Greek Isle version snapped along Beverly Boulevard on August 4 and the surfer creative captured along Melrose Avenue on August 12, 2015.
Shot on iPhone 6 surfers billboard
And here's another new snowcapped mountain billboard snapped along Wilshire Boulevard in Brentwood on August 15, 2015.
Shot on iPhone 6 snowy mountain billboard
UPDATED: Here's another cool billboard snapped along Hollywood Boulevard on September 7, 2015, now sharing the crowded skies with the Apple Music ad campaign and the new Apple Watch billboards.
Shot on iPhone 6 Mark R billboard

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