Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Trust Him? Free HIV Test billboards...

Trust Him HIV test same sex billboard
Trust is an incredibly important thing in a relationship, especially when you're embarking on a new intimate relationship with someone you may not know all that well, and maybe more so with someone you've been seeing or living with longterm.
Trust Him Free HIV test billboard
These safe sex ads from AIDS Healthcare Foundation pose the question how much do you trust your sexual partner, and are you confident he's not cheating and sleeping around on you. Do you 'trust him?'
Trust Him HIV test straight billboard
Two of the creatives use the same bearded man with different gay partners in bed to highlight to proposition that your partner may not be being entirely faithful to you (although the expression on the blonde man wouldn't be amiss in some stalker horror film billboard, a bit like this movie billboard for The Roommate).

Plus is that the same male model in bed for the straight couple ad creative, which begs the question is he sleeping with men and women.
Trust Him HIV billboard
These billboards to promote free HIV testing were first snapped in the skies above Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood on March 24, whilst the other designs were spotted along Highland Avenue, Cahuenga Boulevard and Melrose Avenue through April 8, 2015.

Trust is a precious thing and can be easily shattered, especially when you find yourself with an unexpected and scary STD.
Trust Him HIV test gay billboard
No matter how promiscuous you or your partner are, better to be safe than sorry. Get tested and use protection.

If you like these outdoor ads, be sure to also check out these other great safe sex billboards filling the skies of L.A. in recent years.
Trust Him Free HIV test billboard

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