Monday, April 27, 2015

The Original Getty Villa tourism billboards...

The original chiseled abs Getty Villa billboard 2015
Now here's something a bit lighter and fluffier to start your working week.

These days most people's idea of physical perfection for men are rock hard pecs and chiseled abs, so it seems the more things change, the more they stay the same, as back in the day these were qualities that the Ancient Romans also appreciated.
Bronzed Gods Chiseled Abs Getty Villa billboard 2014
The Getty Villa in Malibu has put a fun, tongue-in-cheek spin on their latest tourism ad campaign, with their spectacular mock Roman villa recreation able to offer visitors bronzed gods, chiseled abs (on marble statues) and a poolside lounge, everything you're usually looking for when visiting sunny Southern California.
chiseled abs Getty Villa billboard
What could have been a stuffy museum style billboard, is now injected with some sex appeal to turn heads and make some people think of the free (although you do pay for parking) tourist attraction in a different light.
original chiseled abs Getty Villa billboard
The ad creative with the three different images was snapped last year on April 27, 2014 along Pico Boulevard, whilst 'The original chiseled abs' creative was spotted along Melrose Avenue on April 11, 2015.
2014 Getty Villa tourism billboard
Have these witty billboards titillated your cultural taste buds, or will you stick to soaking up the sunshine visiting the other relics at Venice's Muscle Beach?

For more interesting approaches to attracting tourists, be sure to also check out these other travel and tourism billboard advertising campaigns from recent years.
original chiseled abs Getty Villa billboard 2015
UPDATED: Here's another witty billboard from this Getty Villa ad campaign, this one suggesting a horse drawn chariot on some Ancient Roman pottery was 'The Original Convertible', which fits in well in this town of open-topped cars.
Original Convertible Getty Villa billboard
This fun outdoor ad for the Malibu-based museum attraction was spotted along La Brea Avenue on May 1, 2015.
Original Convertible Getty Villa billboard

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