Friday, April 24, 2015

Homejoy cleaning services website billboards...

More dancing less dust Homejoy billboard
TGIF! The weekend is almost upon us, and who has time for cleaning when there's so many more fun things to be doing, like absolutely everything else.
Homejoy More Spring less cleaning billboard
This Spring the website Homejoy has the perfect solution for keeping your living space clean and tidy, whilst you do something far more enjoyable with your time, like going dancing or spending time in the great outdoors in the sunshine.
More me time Homejoy billboard
If scrubbing and dusting are your least favourite things to be doing, you can hire someone to clean your home for you, that is, if you have the cash to spare.
More sun less scrubbing Homejoy billboard
These clever and colourful billboards stand-out with their simplicity and witty copy, and are certainly quite tempting if you've never considered hiring someone to do your housework before.
More dancing less dust Homejoy billboard
More Spring less cleaning Homejoy billboard
The 'me time' ad creative was first spied along Beverly Boulevard on March 12, plus subsequent creatives were spotted around L.A. along San Vicente Boulevard, La Brea AvenueLa Cienega Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue through April 8, 2015.
More me time less mess Homejoy billboard
After seeing these Homejoy billboards, who'll be doing your cleaning this weekend?
Homejoy More sun less scrubbing billboard

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