Saturday, April 18, 2015

Giant Diesel Jogg Jeans billboard...

Giant Diesel Jogg Jeans billboard
There's nothing like a super-sized billboard along the Sunset Strip to grab your attention, especially when it has an interesting ad creative like this new Diesel Jogg Jeans billboard.

This visually jarring, overlaid two-in-one photo from the fashion label makes you look twice, and the ad campaign was shot by artist and instagram iconoclast Doug Abraham.
Giant Diesel Jogg Jeans billboard
The stretchy new Diesel Jogg Jeans are made of a new hybrid fabric, which has the stretch of jersey, comfort of sweatpants and the look of denim (and from the looks of things makes you feel sexy and want to strip off).
Giant Diesel Jogg Jeans billboard
This massive Spring season fashion billboard was first spied on March 20, 2015, and if you're a true fashionista stick around in the days to come as you'll be seeing a lot more fashion advertisers bringing their fresh new looks to the skies of L.A.

For another favourite eye-catching fashion outdoor ad of Daily Billboard's from recent months, be sure to also check out this special extension Very Perry Ellis billboard and for more denim jeans brand advertising take a look at all these examples from the likes of Calvin Klein, AG Jeans, Joe's Jeans, Gap and more besides.
Giant Diesel Jogg Jeans billboard Sunset Strip

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