Sunday, March 1, 2015

Very Perry Ellis fashion and fragrance billboards past and present...

Very Perry Ellis Spring 2015 backflip billboard
Today it's the turn of Perry Ellis to get some love and attention from Daily Billboard and as you can see from their latest back-flipping Spring 2015 billboard, the praise is very much deserved.
Very Perry Ellis Spring 2015 backflip billboard
This fun ad creative has the double-whammy of having an interesting back-flip visual, combined with the special extension elements, which looks like a giant model is tossing the other guy with a swish of his hand. The mix of black and white and colour photography is also a stylish and eye-catching design choice.
Very Perry Ellis Spring 2015 billboard Sunset Strip
The sharp new ad campaign by creative agency YARD was photographed by Daniel Jackson and showcases the first collection from new Creative Director at Perry Ellis, Michael Maccari.
Very Perry Ellis backflip billboard
The handsome, smooth-faced model creating a spectacle along the busy Sunset Strip on February 25, 2015, is none other than Mikus Lasmanis, no stranger to a 'Very Perry Ellis' ad campaign.
Very Perry Ellis Fall Winter 2014 billboard
As a bonus treat here's a retrospective of some previous Perry Ellis outdoor ads, including this Fall/Winter creative featuring a bearded Mikus doing a double-take of himself, thanks to the magic of photoshop (it's like he has an equally attractive twin). This billboard was spotted along the busy Hollywood Boulevard on August 21, 2014.
Very Perry Ellis Spring 2014 billboard
Meanwhile in the same location back in March 21, 2014, Albert Reed was modeling for the in-your-face Spring 2014 campaign.
Perry Ellis Cobalt fragrance billboard
In the world of Perry Ellis fragrance, Mikus Lasmanis was the face of fashion brand's new designer scent, Cobalt, with this duo of billboard ads at the bustling intersection of Sunset & Vine in Hollywood to catch passersby eyes on February 4, 2015.
Perry Ellis Cobalt fragrance billboards
Perry Ellis Cobalt fragrance billboard
Further back and male model Paul Kelly was snapped along Sunset Boulevard at La Brea Avenue in this Perry Ellis fragrance outdoor ad from September 23, 2013.
Perry Ellis 2013 fragrance billboard
Plus Gabriel Chytry starred in this topsy-turvy creative for Perry Ellis Spirited fragrance spied in the same Sunset Boulevard location on May 29, 2013.
Perry Ellis Spirited fragrance billboard
If you're a fan of the designer fragrance brand, be sure to also check out this Perry Ellis Aqua cologne billboard.
Perry Ellis 2013 Spirited billboard
Plus for more clothing creatives from the fashion house, be sure to also enjoy this giant-sized Perry Ellis bow-tie billboard from September 2012.

Daily Billboard often bemoans the fact that fashion brands need to innovate in outdoor advertising more and this is a great start, so let's hope Perry Ellis keeps the surprises coming in the future.
Very Perry Ellis Spring 2015 billboard Sunset Strip
UPDATED: After the exciting Spring billboard it was back to basics for the Fall ad campaign, with this smaller standard billboard spotted further west along the Sunset Strip on August 26, 2015.
Very Perry Ellis Fall 2015 billboard

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