Monday, March 30, 2015

Veep season four Mount Rushmore parody TV billboards...

Veep season 4 Mount Rushmore parody billboard
Forget House of Cards 'Frank Underwood' in the White House, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is Veep no longer, and for the fourth season of the political satire is the new POTUS in town.
Veep season 4 Mount Rushmore billboard
To immortalise her position as the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America, 'Selina Meyer' is joining other Presidents of note on the infamous Mount Rushmore.
Veep season 4 billboard
This parody of the national monument with the gigantic carved faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson (replaced by Selina), Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln in South Dakota's Black Hills National Forest, is the perfect imagery to immediately convey the fun and theme of this White House comedy, especially as the Veep was made President at the end of last season.
Veep season 4 Mount Rushmore billboard
These hilarious season four billboards were snapped along Robertson Boulevard, Beverly Boulevard and Cahuenga Boulevard on March 19, 2015.

If you're a fan of the political parody series which has garnered Julia Louis-Dreyfus three consecutive Emmys, be sure to also take a look at these previous season promo billboards for Veep, including season three's homage to the 'Washington Crossing the Delaware' oil painting.
Veep season 4 billboard
For another fun outdoor ad creative superimposed on a national monument, check out this clever billboard with Larry David as the Statue of Liberty for the eighth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

'This land is her land', but with the former Veep and her incompetent team in charge of running the country, what could possibly go wrong.
Veep Mount Rushmore season 4 billboard
Giant Veep Mount Rushmore season 4 billboard
UPDATED: This is quite possibly Daily Billboard's favourite Veep season promo billboard, so imagine our delight seeing the creative super-sized along the Sunset Strip.
Giant Veep Mount Rushmore season 4 billboard
Giant Veep Mount Rushmore parody season 4 billboard
This giant season four billboard certainly brings some cheer to the busy commuter belt and was photographed towering over Sunset Boulevard eastbound on April 29, 2015.
Giant Veep season 4 billboard
UPDATED: Here's also the amended season four creative to help garner Emmy Award consideration, with billboards spotted high above San Vicente Boulevard and along Pico Boulevard on May 20, 2015. Can Veep continue its winning streak?
Veep TV's Best comedy Emmy 2015 billboard
Plus be sure to check out the other HBO TV show Emmy Consideration billboards currently filling L.A.'s skies.
Veep season 4 Emmy 2015 billboard

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