Friday, March 27, 2015

Silicon Valley season two TV billboards...

Giant Silicon Valley season 2 billboard
This April are you ready and willing to see genius in a whole new light? If so, get ready to be amazed, and entertained, by the sophomore season of HBO's critically-acclaimed Silicon Valley.
Silicon Valley season 2 billboard
Whilst sexism in the real Silicon Valley is very much a hot topic, Mike Judge's satire of the Northern California tech world returns to follow the antics of 'Richard Hendriks' (Thomas Middleditch) and his fellow nerds as their music-matching startup app with its unique algorithm, 'Pied Piper', continues to give the internet big boys something to worry about.
Giant Silicon Valley season 2 billboard
The super-sized Silicon Valley second season billboard was spied westbound along the Sunset Strip on March 14, whilst the smaller landscape creatives were spotted further east along Sunset Boulevard on March 19, 2015.
Silicon Valley season 2 billboard
Daily Billboard likes how this season two ad creative retains the same feel as the Silicon Valley season one Steve Jobs billboard parody with the five characters head-shots, but has the fun lightbulb device to signify that moment of sudden inspiration or that great idea, which conveys the tech genius themes of the comedy series.

Now, more importantly, how many geniuses does it take to change a lightbulb?
Giant Silicon Valley season 2 billboard
UPDATED: Here's another standard landscape billboard for the HBO show spied along Santa Monica Boulevard in West L.A. on April 2, 2015.
Silicon Valley series 2 billboard
UPDATED: In addition here's the "Start-to-finish hilarious" Emmy consideration billboard incorporating the season two creative, spotted along Cahuenga Boulevard on May 19, 2015. Plus be sure to check out all these other HBO 2015 Emmy Consideration billboards.
Silicon Valley season 2 Emmy 2015 billboard

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