Thursday, March 12, 2015

Oreo Wonderfilled billboards...

Giant Oreo Wonderfilled billboard
In addition to Apple's Shot on iPhone 6 outdoor ad campaign dominating the skies of L.A. with multiple creatives this month, there's also these fun 'Wonderfilled' billboards for Oreo gracing the city skyline to lift your spirits and tickle your taste buds.
Crunch with Oreo Wonderfilled billboard
Discover with Oreo billboard
The iconic sweet cream-filled sandwich cookie has been an American favourite for years, so Oreo asked ten different artists to produce illustrations working from words like 'twist', 'wonder' and 'discover', with the only requirement that the cookie wafer was used as a head/face, and for them to 'Play with Oreo'.
Wonder with Oreo Wonderfilled billboard
These are the groovy, colourful results and oddly all the varying images work remarkably well together as a cohesive advertising campaign.
Twist with Oreo Wonderfilled billboard
These standard landscape Oreo billboard ads were spied around the streets of L.A. on March 4, above West Hollywood's Sunset Strip, along La Brea Avenue, Pico Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard.
Giant Oreo Wonderfilled billboard
The giant-sized version of the 'twist' ad creative was snapped eastbound towering over Wilshire Boulevard in Koreatown on March 8, 2015.
Crunch with Oreo billboard
Discover with Oreo Wonderfilled billboard
It's nice to see a food manufacturing company having some fun with their brand out-of-home, and if you like these vibrant ad creatives, be sure to check out these Popchips billboards featuring Ashton Kutcher from 2012 and these Ben & Jerry's ice-cream billboards from last year.
Wonder with Oreo billboard
Be sure to enjoy these Oreo billboards in the skies (and not just in your tummy) before they are gone and always remember to check your teeth after you eat them, as that's a less than wonderful impression to make when you smile.
Giant Oreo Wonderfilled billboard
Now grab a glass of milk and be prepare to be 'wonderfilled', however you eat your Oreos.
Crunch with Oreo billboard
UPDATED: Here's another billboard from the irreverent outdoor campaign, this one referencing the milk that goes so well with the cookie with a basketball 'slam dunk' theme, snapped along Figueroa Street in Downtown L.A. on March 13, 2015.
Dunk with Oreo Wonderfilled billboard
Discover with Oreo billboard
UPDATED: In addition here's three further cool creatives spied at the Eastown Apartments in Hollywood and nearby on March 16, 2015.
Discover with Oreo Wonderfilled billboard
Roll with Oreo Wonderfilled billboard
It's hard not to smile when you see these inventive 'Discover', 'Roll' and 'Dream' Oreo billboards and wall murals, don't you agree?
Dream with Oreo Wonderfilled billboard

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