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Virgin America A Radical Departure airline billboards...

Virgin America A Radical Departure billboard
Ever since Virgin America launched its U.S. domestic airline service back in 2007 it really has provided 'a radical departure' from other established airline carriers, and so too has its advertising.

Not only does the U.S. based airline provide a low fare, high quality experience, but your journey also tends to be a lot more fun aboard Virgin America.

Their most recent ad campaign featuring the aircraft cabin 'A radical departure' billboard creative, featuring a variety of passengers, old and young, was snapped along L.A.'s Sunset Boulevard on October 18, 2014
Virgin America Wheels Heels up billboard
Of late that concept has been split up and used for a second wave of creatives highlighting the airlines key selling points and differences. The more sophisticated, champagne-drinking 'Wheels up, heels up' creative focuses on extra legroom and was snapped along Fairfax Avenue on February 12, 2015.
Virgin America Plug life billboard
The 'Plug life' billboard was spied along Beverly Boulevard on February 18, 2015 and highlights the fleetwide WiFi and power charging capabilities, perfect for business travelers and those with smartphones and tablet devices.
Virgin America Everyone gets to watch billboard
The more youthful, innuendo-laden 'Everyone gets to watch' billboard was snapped above the Sunset Strip on February 15, 2015, and promotes the On-Demand nature of the in-flight entertainment.
Virgin America Wheels Heels up billboard
These witty billboards not only fly the corporate colours, but they also embody the fun experiential nature of Virgin America and the fact the airline has a distinct personality.

If you like these cool outdoor ads, be sure to check out these previous Virgin America airline billboards from years past, making the skies of L.A. far more entertaining than other bland airline advertising.
Virgin America Plug life billboard
UPDATED: Here's another new Virgin America billboard advertising how you'll 'feel the upgrade' and travel like a rock star by the looks of things. This cool billboard was snapped on march 4, 2015 along L.A.'s Vine Street.
Virgin America Feel the upgrade billboard
UPDATED: Here's another creative in Virgin America's latest ad campaign snapped along Sunset Boulevard on April 29, 2015, this one tailored for the on-demand entertainment services on their LAX to Dallas flight.
Virgin America Less lone more star billboard
UPDATED: Here's another witty ad in this Virgin America billboard campaign snapped along Highland Avenue on February 8, 2016.
Virgin America your people fly our people billboard
Plus another iteration focusing on the airline's in-flight TV offering, spotted along Melrose Avenue on February 19, 2016.
Live TV to fullest Virgin America billboard
UPDATED: Here's also an interesting look at how Virgin America advertise their First Class service.
Virgin America First Class Haute billboard
The 'Haute' ad creative was spied along Westwood Boulevard on June 25, whilst the 'Boss' billboard was spotted above Beverly Boulevard on July 20, 2016. It's clever how they've incorporated the plane's seat numbers in the design of the ads.
Virgin America First Class Boss billboard
UPDATED: Alaska Airlines may have announced that it plans to retire the Virgin America brand by 2019 after acquiring it, but that doesn't mean the airline can't make the most of its existing ad campaigns by refreshing the billboards with some witty new copy.
Virgin America Fly like a boss Pay intern billboard
These revamped billboards were photographed along Melrose Avenue and the Sunset Strip from April 12 to April 19, 2017.
Virgin America Everyone gets to watch billboard
And this additional reworked billboard snapped along Westwood Boulevard on April 29, 2017.
Virgin America Work on fly billboard

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