Friday, February 13, 2015

The Divergent Series: Insurgent movie billboards...

Insurgent movie billboard
If you're a fan of factions, tattoos and Shailene Woodley, then you'll love this action-packed billboard for the latest installment in The Divergent Series, Insurgent.
Divergent Insurgent movie billboard
'Tris', 'Four' (Theo James) and her brother (Ansel Elgort) may have escaped at the end of the first film, but in this adaptation of Veronica Roth's second novel, the Divergent heroine discovers freedom is not so easily won as old fears and foes come back to haunt her.
Insurgent movie billboard
This eye-catching topsy-turvy Insurgent movie billboard, which looks like classic action hero fare, was snapped along Sunset Boulevard at Cahuenga Boulevard on February 11, 2015.

If you're a fan of the bestselling books and blockbuster film franchise, be sure to also check out these Divergent movie billboards from last February.

No matter if war breaks out in this sequel, it looks like Four will have her back.
Divergent Insurgent film billboard
UPDATED: This Divergent sequel is certainly getting the big advertising budget treatment with lots of billboards popping up all over L.A., including this impressive giant version on the side of the Mondrian Hotel.
Giant Insurgent movie billboard Sunset Strip
Giant Insurgent movie billboard
This super-sized Insurgent billboard was snapped along the busy Sunset Strip in West Hollywood on March 4, 2015.
Insurgent movie billboard
This ad creative really reminds Daily Billboard of action from The Matrix movies, and we wonder if that's intentional.
Theo James Insurgent Four special extension billboard
Insurgent special extension movie billboards
Shailene Woodley Insurgent Tris special billboard
And if you thought this giant-sized spectacular was cool, then you'll love these back to back billboards on opposite sides of the road along La Cienega Boulevard, where the Tris and Four have been made into dynamic special extension billboards.
Insurgent special extension billboard
This explosive duo of billboards, also photographed on March 4, 2015, creates a great spectacle along this busy commuter zone and is sure to attract many eyeballs.
Insurgent special extension billboard
And if you like this idea, be sure to also check out these Thor hammer toss billboards from 2011 and these dueling cannons for Black Sails launch along the Sunset Strip from 2014.
Insurgent movie billboard
UPDATED: Here's another slightly different format of this dynamic Insurgent billboard spied along Olympic Boulevard in West L.A. on March 8, 2015.
Insurgent film billboard

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