Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lake Tahoe North skiing tourism billboards...

Admit it secretly sick of sunny 72 Lake Tahoe North billboard
With the temperatures in L.A. currently soaring in the high 80°s these tourism billboards for North Lake Tahoe are even more appealing.
Lake Tahoe North Better looking than anyone in Malibu billboard
The majestic alpine setting of mountains and shimmering bays, up where California and Nevada meet, would certainly be a cool relief, especially for those looking to indulge their passion for skiing, snowboarding, or just getting away from the sprawling City of Angels.
Lake Tahoe definitely not an app for this billboard
These inviting billboards certainly mix beautiful scenery and outdoor activity with a splash of humour, tailored for the local L.A. audience.
Lake Tahoe North Secretly sick of sunny billboard
Often people complain about the lack of seasons in Southern California (especially if you originate from out of the state), so when you are 'secretly sick of sunny and 72°', here's your perfect getaway from the fake people of Malibu and away from being constantly switched on with your computers, tablets and smartphones.
Better looking than anyone in Malibu billboard
These clever North Lake Tahoe tourism billboards were spied along Ventura Boulevard, Highland Avenue and La Cienega Boulevard from February 6 to February 14, 2015.

For more travel billboards tailored for L.A. audiences, be sure to also check out this Arizona tourism outdoor ad campaign.
definitely not app for this Lake Tahoe skiing billboard

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