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The BABs - Best Advertising Billboard Awards 2014...

Wow, another year has whizzed by and what a creative time it's been in the skies of L.A. in 2014. Welcome to the fifth annual Best Advertising Billboard Awards (or BABs for short) when Daily Billboard attempts to acknowledge the best in out-of-home design, creativity and ingenuity. The past twelve months have offered up a veritable smorgasbord of eye-catching imagery and head-turning creative ideas, so let's see if you agree with all of Daily Billboard's top picks this year.

Inherent Vice moving leg neon sign billboard Sunset Strip
This year's winner of the Best Special Installation Billboard was a latecomer in 2014, but is no less deserving. This playful billboard for Paul Thomas Anderson's new movie, Inherent Vice, seems to perfectly capture the spirit of L.A. in the 1970's, with a bikini-clad California girl complete with moving leg to capture your attention and neon signage with a 'C' in the film title that blinks on and off and headline actors names also in neon that light up in a sequence, for extra spectacle.

Don't believe it should win? Check out this video of the clever billboard along the busy Sunset Strip to see the fantastic full effect at night.

Other highly notable contenders for this category this year include the Coors Light 3D mountain climber billboard that has graced La Brea Avenue near Sunset Boulevard since May 2014, the Galavant 3D horse series premiere billboard from this December, the sequential Black Sails billboard cannonball fight across the Sunset Strip at the start of the year, Spider-man 2's electroluminescent billboard with its appearing villain at night and also this live Mardi Gras carnival dancer billboard for Rio 2.

Da Vinci's Demons season 2 teaser billboard Sunset Strip
The special extension that really captured Daily Billboard's imagination this year was the two-part giant creatives for the second season of Starz DaVinci's Demons.
Da Vinci's Demons season 2 winged extension billboard Sunset Strip
The tease and reveal of a super-sized winged Leonardo da Vinci not only embodied the spirit of the Italian Renaissance man, but was even more impactful as it was the first time this ad location has used an embellishment of this kind (leading to even more experimental creatives with subsequent campaigns).

Another clever special extension that just missed out on this BAB Award was WGN America's atomic bomb billboards for Manhattan and the fun movie billboards for The Expendables 3.

Mad Men vintage style 2014 Emmy billboard
The undisputed winner of the Best TV BAB Award belongs to the 2014 Emmy outdoor ad campaign for Mad Men's final season.

These mock 60's style ads were the brainchild of The Martin Agency and the show's creator Matthew Weiner and would have done the Madison Avenue advertising agent, Sterling Cooper, proud back in the day. Not only are these faux product billboards a lot of fun, but they are so in character for the period show and their featured cast member.

Be sure to check out these other executions in Mad Men's vintage style Emmy 2014 billboards for the full story.
Mad Men vintage style 2014 Emmy billboards
Another TV outdoor ad campaign that really stood out in 2014 was the sophomore season billboard campaign for Blacklist which featured 'Red Reddington' on tailored magazine covers and also of note this year was Chelsea Handler's billboard parody of The Lion King for her Uganda Be Kidding Me comedy special on Netflix.

Maleficent winged special extension billboard
The recipient of the Best Movie BAB Award is Disney's deliciously dark, mysterious and magical ad campaign for Maleficent.

Angelina Jolie starred as the iconic horned fairy, who we discovered wasn't quite as evil as the stories would have us believe.
Giant Maleficent movie teaser billboard
In America the marketing team took the brave decision not to use traditional Sleeping Beauty fairytale imagery in their advertising that other territories opted for, but instead chose these bold, striking images of the perfectly cast actress, which hinted at a darker, more grown up tale which would appeal to adults as well as just kids.
Giant Maleficent movie horns billboard
And you have to agree, there's something about wings that work really well on special extension billboards. Be sure to check out more examples of these Maleficent movie billboards around the skies of L.A. to appreciate their full effect.

The other movie outdoor ad campaigns that caught our magpie eye and were runners-up in this category include these fun Dumb and Dumber To billboards, the ad campaign for Big Hero 6 featuring the lovable Baymax and the explosive billboards for The Lego Movie.

Edward Snowden asylum in Poland Sobieski Vodka billboard
In the world of drinks Sobieski Vodka really stood out with their satirical and timely billboards tapping into current affairs and not afraid to inject a healthy does of humour into their advertising, Poland should be proud.
Sobieski Vodka 2014 billboards Sunset Strip
Forget Data Mining Sobieski vodka billboard
The design was also clear and easy to read, and even though a bottle product shot was present it didn't overwhelm the creatives. This campaign was by Marty Weiss and Friends in New York and if you like these examples, be sure to check more witty Sobieski Vodka billboards from the past here at Daily Billboard.
wireless connection Sobieski Vodka billboard
aint the yogurt Sobieski Vodka billboard
Other notable favourites in the drinks arena gracing the city skies this year include Naked Juice's locally tailored billboards and the latest iterations of the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World ad campaign.

Show your My Calvins underwear billboard
Just when you thought Calvin Klein was going soft on us, they come at us with a new initiative which tapped into the social media obsessed selfie generation, by turning the tables and engaged their target demographic, getting their consumers to be their underwear models with their #mycalvins campaign.
Giant My Calvins billboard New York
Their supporting billboards, featuring the hod bods of Matthew Terry and Lara Stone were a familiar mix of sexy, youthful and provocative, which immediately screamed the iconic designer underwear brand.
Sexy My Calvins billboard Sunset Strip
Other highly commended fashion billboard campaigns in 2014 include Banana Republic's True Outfitters Spring ad campaign and Gap's celebrity Dress Normal billboards.

Leonardo DiCaprio please visit my website billboard
There were slim pickins when it came to great examples of copy-only billboards, but one creative that really stood out was this billboard asking Leonardo DiCaprio to visit its website. Turns out there's an environmental story behind this crowd-funded PR-worthy billboard that originates all the way from Russia and took place in L.A. during November 2014.

The simplicity and intrigue of this ad really stands out and draws you in at the same time, so be sure to check out the full story about this Like from Leo billboard.

So as you can see from these fine examples above, it's been an exciting time in the skies of L.A. in 2014. Hopefully 2015 will be equally as compelling with lots of eye-catching designs, innovative ideas and attention-grabbing gimmicks to keep things interesting in the world of outdoor advertising.

What do you think of Daily Billboard's final selection, do you think they are worthy of the accolades, or were there other more deserving billboards?

There are many more billboards from every genre here at Daily Billboard to peruse, so do let us know if there was a special billboard that turned your head this past twelve months.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and here's hoping there'll be loads of fresh new ideas to dazzle and delight us all in 2015.

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