Friday, January 9, 2015

Glee final season six TV billboard...

Glee final season 6 Take a bow billboard
All good things come to an end, and for Fox's musical dramedy Glee, it's time to take one last bow, with a shorter thirteen episode sixth and final season.

Glee may have suffered declining ratings in recent seasons, but there's no mistaking this TV musical series was a pop culture phenomenon which inspired an army of 'Gleeks' and sold music mash-ups and covers of songs by the bucket load.
Glee season 6 billboard
Over time the premise of a high school singing Glee club slightly lost its way when some of the students graduated and moved to New York, it really did feel like it became the 'Rachel Berry show'.

Where once it had compelling storylines and tackled topical issues like gay bullying at school, the plots became even more farcical and everyone seemed to achieve their happily-ever-after too easily upon leaving school, from Vogue internships to their own record and modeling contracts, to helming Broadway shows.

From the sounds of things this final season may get back to basics of the old Glee choir room and winning singing competitions.
Glee final season 6 billboard
What 'New Directions' will the future hold for Kurt and Blaine, Rachel, Artie, Tina, Sam, Santana, Brittany, Mercedes, Puck, Quinn and their teacher 'Will Schuester' and their arch-nemesis 'Sue Sylvester'?

Only time will tell if Glee can go out on a high note (as it deserves to), and before they say their final farewell, enjoy this sixth season billboard snapped along the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood on December 31, 2014.

Plus be sure to check out these previous Glee season promo billboards from way back when the show launched and for its spin-off reality talent competition, The Glee Project.
Glee final season billboard

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