Thursday, December 4, 2014

Patrón Tequila billboards past and present...

better to give than receive In theory Patron Tequila billboard
Over the years not only has Patrón established itself as a 'simply perfect' tequila, but the brand has also positioned itself as a perfect present for the tequila lover in your life, especially at this gift-giving and party going time of year.

Their latest billboard for the holiday season was spied on November 29 along Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood and espouses that 'Tis better to give than receive, that is, in theory, as you know you'd really like to keep it for yourself.
Roca Patron Tequila Superiority Complex billboard
Patrón really helped revolutionize tequila drinking in the U.S., taking the spirit from knocking back cheap shots to sipping premium 100% agave offerings, and back in the Summer of 2014 it's no surprise that they launched a new smoother tasting Roca Patrón to further their domination of the tequila marketplace.

This 'Superiority. Complex.' billboard with its distinctive darker background to differentiate the line snapped on August 16.
perfection on ice Congratulations LA Patron Tequila billboard
After the Los Angeles Kings won ice hockey's Stanley Cup in June this year, Patrón celebrated the win with this tailored 'Here's to perfection on ice', snapped on July 3, which was a nice play on words which could be equally applied to the tequila brand and ice hockey champions.
handmade picture of handmade tequila Patron billboard
And no your eyes are not deceiving you, but this slightly blurrier bottle of Patrón is actually painted by hand, to reinforce the handmade, artisanal feel of the brand, plus the word 'picture' evokes a pitcher of margaritas.

This 'handmade tequila' billboard was spied on January 10, 2014 and for more examples, be sure to take a look at these Patrón Tequila billboards from 2013.
Eliminate regifting Patron Tequila billboard
Blasting back to December 2009 and Patrón was certainly reinforcing its bottles of tequila as the ideal festive gift with this 'Eliminate regifting' special extension billboard.

Meanwhile in recent years, the luxury tequila brand has used the gimmick of collaborating with famous fashion and expensive jewelry designers to create special edition bottle stoppers as unique gift ideas, as this John Varvatos Patrón Tequila billboard from November 2012 and David Yurman Patrón Tequila billboard from November 2013 illustrate.
Expect neighbors Patron Tequila billboard
In addition positioning their premium tequila as the perfect gift, the brand has also to tried to reinforce that Patrón is best shared with friends, as this 'Expect the neighbors' billboard from November 2009 and 'Social networking' ad creative from July 2009 demonstrate.
Social networking Patron Tequila billboard
As you can see, Patrón has been busy advertising in this Sunset Boulevard billboard location for years and if you like these outdoor ads, be sure to also check out the competition with all these alternative tequila brand billboards vying for your attention.
better give than receive In theory Patron Tequila billboard

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