Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Comeback season two TV billboards...

The Comeback season 2 billboard
"Hello, hello, hello".

As one series bows out on HBO with the end of The Newsroom, another show makes its triumphant return almost ten years later, now that's what you call The Comeback of the century.
The Comeback season 2 billboard
Lisa Kudrow's alter-ego 'Valerie Cherish' is a star reborn in the second season you never saw coming, but were secretly wishing for if you'd ever seen this comic genius mockumentary series the first time around back in 2005 (or more likely if you've binge-watched the show since).
The Comeback series return billboard
All of the Friends stars Lisa Kudrow seems to have had the most eclectic journey since her sitcom days with a multitude of cameos in movies and TV shows, be it helping out her old co-star Courtney Cox with a guest role on Cougar Town, her recent stint as a Congresswoman on Scandal or her acclaimed Web Therapy series.
The Comeback season 2 billboard
These billboards bringing Valerie Cherish's cheery face to the skies of L.A. were snapped along Melrose Avenue on October 15, along Santa Monica Boulevard in West L.A. on October 19 and above Hollywood Boulevard on October 25, 2014.
The Comeback series return HBO billboard
One of her defining catchphrases may have been "I don't want to see that!", but this is one returning series that you will want to see for yourself.
The Comeback season 2 billboard
The Comeback season 2 giant billboard
UPDATED: Now this giant-sized billboard for the series return of The Comeback would no doubt please Valerie Cherish (and frankly it's nice to see Lisa Kudrow getting the recognition she deserves).
The Comeback season 2 giant billboard Sunset Strip
Comeback series return giant HBO billboard
Almost a decade ago this faux reality series was ahead of its time, so it'll be interesting whether this new season will finally find the audience it deserves (assuming it's any good and that's not just nostalgia talking).

Lisa Kudrow's super-sized smiling face emerging from those theatrical red curtains was snapped towering over L.A.'s Sunset Strip on November 7, 2014. She's back and there's no hiding it.
The Comeback season 2 giant billboard
UPDATED: Just as Valerie Cherish won an Emmy in the finale of this second season, now it's the time for The Comeback to campaign alongside its sister HBO shows for Emmy consideration. This updated season two Emmy billboard was spotted along Beverly Boulevard on May 28, 2015.
The Comeback Emmy 2015 billboard

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