Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving billboards to get you in the holiday spirit...

Dad cant pull himself away from game La Brea Bakery Thanksgiving billboard
Happy Thanksgiving, gobble gobble!

Today Daily Billboard doesn't want to take up much of your time as we're sure you have other plans in store, so feast your eyes on these Thanksgiving-themed beauties to get you in the holiday spirit and get your mouth watering.
Erewhon organic turkey billboard
For many Thanksgiving can be a stressful celebration with so many guests to cook for, so don't go getting distracted by the game on TV and burn your bird, as that'll be the perfect way to start a family argument (and will forever be brought up at gatherings in the future).
La Brea Bakery burnt turkey billboard
These outdoor ads are two very different approaches to the annual American holiday. This fun burnt turkey La Brea Bakery billboard was spied along La Brea Avenue on November 5, whilst the delicious looking Erewhon Market ad creative was spotted along Fairfax Avenue on November 12, 2014.
Erewhon organic holiday feast billboard
Make sure you don't overcook your dinner, and wherever and however you may be spending your Thanksgiving, with friends or family or by yourself, tuck in and enjoy.

P.S. This year Daily Billboard is thankful for your continued support, the daily visitors and the encouraging messages, comments and suggestions, and looks forward to seeing you come back to visit soon.
Dad cant pull himself away from game Thanksgiving billboard
UPDATED: Here's another organic holiday feast billboard from Erewhon spotted along Beverly Boulevard on December 3, 2016.
Erewhon organic holiday feast billboard

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