Thursday, November 20, 2014

State of Play: Happiness TV billboards...

State of Play Happiness HBO Sports billboard
HBO's State of Play is back for a second season of documentaries and roundtable discussions exploring the world of sport beyond the playing field.

Just like the first season kicked off with State of Play: Trophy Kids about the pressures put on children by ultra competitive parents, this sophomore season starts with a look at life after the game for former Pro-Footballers Brett Favre, Tiki Barber and Wayne Chrebet and takes a glimpse at their retirement and their pursuit of happiness following a lifetime of dedication to training and competitive sports.
State of Play Happiness billboard
Other episodes will focus on paralysed athletes and how they adjusted to their new circumstances, plus a closer look at the relationships between sports figures and their spouses, which should be interesting considering all the domestic and child abuse, plus sexual assault controversy surrounding NFL players and the like these days.
State of Play Happiness billboard
These HBO billboards were snapped along Sunset Boulevard on November 16, 2014, and just like the sport itself, there's a real intensity in this image chosen (those determined, yet slightly deer in the headlights eyes) to support the four-part documentary series.
State of Play Happiness season 2 billboard

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