Friday, November 21, 2014

Hello Ladies: The Movie billboards...

Hello Ladies The Movie billboard
These tongue-in-cheek billboards mark the return of Stephen Merchant as the hapless singleton 'Stuart Pritchard', an English web designer trying to find the love in Los Angeles.

Rather than coming back for a second season, Hello Ladies: The Movie debuts this November, allowing the series to have some closure in this 80-minute HBO finale.
Hello Ladies HBO Movie billboard
When a former girlfriend visits the ex-pat in L.A. with her husband, the needy geek pretends his roommate is actually his current girlfriend and playing along with the charade they both discover there is more to their feelings than play-acting (although you know the course of true love is never that easy).

Stephen Merchant has things all wrapped up in a bow for the lucky lady in this awkwardly seductive ad creative, which was first snapped along Sunset Boulevard on October 30, then later along Beverly Boulevard on November 13, 2014.
Hello Ladies Movie billboard
If you like this fun billboard, be sure to also take a look at Hello Ladies season one billboards from September last year.

Are you ready for the final seduction?
Hello Ladies The Movie billboard

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