Tuesday, September 2, 2014

TV WEEK: Scorpion series premiere billboards...

Giant Scorpion series premiere billboard
These days TV networks are having a tough time. Not only do they have to compete with cable shows, but now they have more competition than ever for your viewing pleasure from streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, to name but a few.

That's why this Fall TV season seems more exciting than ever as everyone really needs to up their game to ensure that freshman shows will last beyond a few episodes and ultimately make a full season (or shock, horror, get renewed for a second).
Scorpion series premiere billboard
This time around CBS is betting on their new show, Scorpion, which they think is pure genius.

To combat the increasingly complex threats of a the modern age, an eccentric genius, 'Walter O'Brien' (played by Elyes Gabel), assembles a band of uber-talented misfits with a diverse set of skills and abilities to tackle the nation's crises.
Scorpion season 1 billboard
This 'Scorpion' team is Homeland Security's new think tank of nerdy masterminds includes a brilliant behaviorist, a mechanical prodigy and a statistics guru, plus features more than a few familiar faces.
Giant Scorpion series premiere billboard Sunset Strip
You may have seen Elyes Gabel in the movie World War Z as a genius doctor who thinks he can cure the zombie plague (but surprisingly dies before he can) or as a young detective in the third season of Body of Proof, American Idol's Katharine McPhee starred for two seasons in the musical drama Smash and what hasn't Robert Patrick been in, everything from TV's The Unit to his infamous role as the 'T-1000' in 1991's sci-fi blockbuster, Terminator 2.
Giant Scorpion series launch billboard
Let's hope this mix of brilliant minds and federal agents can captivate audiences with their solutions to dangerous missions and threats to humanity, although it may take more than a simple chalkboard and an electrical cable to get the job done (or maybe it won't).
Scorpion season 1 billboard
This portrait billboard for the series premiere of Scorpion was spied high above Hollywood & Highland on August 21, whilst the landscape version was spotted along La Cienega Boulevard and the giant-sized ad creative was photographed making a big impression along L.A.'s Sunset Strip on August 26, 2014.
Scorpion series premiere CBS billboard
Scorpion may have one of the coolest titles of the Fall season, so let's hope the show itself has the sting in its tales to match.
Giant Scorpion series premiere billboard Sunset Strip

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