Wednesday, September 17, 2014

TV WEEK: Marry Me series premiere billboards...

Marry Me series premiere billboard
Every new TV season there's a huge slew of freshman sitcoms vying for your viewing pleasure and this Fall season is no exception.

One of the latest romantic comedies on offer is Marry Me, a relationship sitcom which exists somewhere between happily and ever after.
Marry Me sitcom premiere billboard
Happy Endings Casey Wilson and Eastbound & Down's Ken Marino star as 'Annie' and 'Jake', a couple six years into their relationship ready to "put a ring on it".
Marry Me series premiere billboard
Back from a romantic vacation Annie lays into her boyfriend for his inability to commit, just as he was about to propose, ruining things a tad.
Marry Me TV series billboard
Rather than have the memory of a fumbled proposal, they decide to put their engagement on hold until the timing is right.

It sounds like an interesting premise, but the challenge will be making a show about an impending wedding last for multiple seasons (without it becoming a big joke).
Marry Me season 1 billboard
Casey Wilson is no stranger to sitcoms that started with a wedding theme, as the popular Happy Endings which lasted three seasons (until it was unceremoniously cancelled), started with someone being jilted at the alter.
Happy Endings season 3 billboard Sep 2012
This third season billboard for Happy Endings was snapped along Ventura Boulevard in September 2012.
Marry Me series launch billboard
Meanwhile these Marry Me billboards, with the couple looking happily in love, were snapped along La Cienega Boulevard on August 27, then a day later along L.A.'s Sunset Boulevard, with the squarer version spotted along Beverly Boulevard on September 15, 2014.
Marry Me season 1 billboard
The real question about Marry Me is, will it ever get to the alter on time, or at all (and will viewers stick around to see them tie the knot).
Marry Me season 1 billboard

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