Sunday, September 21, 2014

TV WEEK: Black-ish series premiere billboards...

Black-ish series premiere billboard
We started this edition of TV WEEK with The Blacklist and as we bring it to a close with the new ABC sitcom, Black-ish, there's a certain symmetry.
Black-ish series premiere billboard
First let's get the glaring elephant in the room out in the open, because let's face it, this show has one of the worst names since Cougar Town.
Black-ish series launch billboard
Black-ish season 1 billboard
Daily Billboard doesn't know whether it's a bit offensive or we're missing the big joke, but there's something really off about the name, regardless of whether it's supposed to be ironic and will make a lot of the potential audience feel uncomfortable (and maybe for different reasons).
Black-ish TV billboard
Blackish season 1 billboard
Sure the sitcom is about race and cultural identity, and has Anthony Anderson's character wondering if his family has become too assimilated into suburban white-bread culture, but there's something slightly uncomfortable about seeing the show's title.
Black-ish series premiere billboard
These billboards featuring the 'Johnson' family in their bright multi-coloured outfits laughing and smiling down at passersby (to let you know it's a comedy) seem to be everywhere around the streets of L.A. at the moment, snapped from Santa Monica Boulevard to 3rd Street, Ventura Boulevard, Beverly Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard from August 23 to September 6, 2014.
Blackish series premiere billboard
Let's hope that there's more substance to this sitcom than the name suggests and that stars like Laurence Fishburne can help elevate the proceedings.

Be sure to also check out Anthony Anderson in these Guys with Kids sitcom billboards from 2012.

Is it too early to start talking about new season cancellations yet?
Black-ish premiere billboard
UPDATED: Daily Billboard is obviously eating our words about the longevity of this sitcom as Black-ish has just secured four more Emmy nominations, including once again for lead stars Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross, this time for its third season.
Vote-ish Black-ish 2017 Emmy noms billboard
These Vote-ish 2017 Emmy nominations billboards were snapped above Hollywood's Highland Avenue on August 13 and West Hollywood's Sunset Strip on August 17, 2017.
Vote-ish Black-ish 2017 Emmy billboard
UPDATED: Here's also the fourth season billboard for Black-ish announcing the series new night on Tuesdays, snapped along Sunset Boulevard on September 6, 2017.
Black-ish season 4 billboard

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