Thursday, September 25, 2014

Selfie series premiere TV billboards...

Selfie series premiere billboard
Pitched as a modern retelling of George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion, Selfie is ABC's new sitcom that shines a light on the self-obsessed social media over-sharing culture we live in today.

Former Doctor Who companion and Guardians of the Galaxy's 'Nebula', Karen Gillan, stars as the narcissistic 'Eliza Dooley', a sales rep addicted to using hashtags and social media to make herself famous, including copious amounts of 'selfies' on Instagram.
Selfie sitcom premiere billboard
After a disastrous incident on a plane that embarrasses her in front of her colleagues, she asks John Cho's 'Henry Higgs', a marketing guru, to help give her a real-world makeover to help her rebrand her image and in the process maybe she'll discover there's more to life than having thousands of followers and making friends with strangers on Facebook.
Selfie series launch billboard
This simple series premiere creative may suggest the sitcom is all about her, but maybe something more like this Best Friends Forever billboard with its camera (or a smartphone in its place) may have gotten the Selfie concept across more immediately.

The landscape billboard was snapped along Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood on September 6, whilst the portrait version was spied at the corner of Sunset & Vine on September 17, 2014.
Selfie sitcom billboard
If you're an admirer of Karen Gillan be sure to also check out this Doctor Who season five billboard, whilst if you're an fan of John Cho in these movie billboards for A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas.
Selfie season 1 billboard
Let's see if Selfie is more than the vapid, self-involved comedy the name suggests it is, or whether it will turn out to be an #epicfail.
Selfie season 1 billboard Sunset Strip

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