Friday, September 26, 2014

Gracepoint series premiere TV billboards...

Gracepoint series premiere billboard
Now here's a bit of a gamble. Fox is remaking ITV's critically-acclaimed hit British drama mini-series Broadchurch and renaming it Gracepoint for American viewers.

Increasing the number of episodes from eight to ten, the murder mystery will see David Tennant reprise his role, complete with an American accent, as the experienced detective 'Emmett Carver' brought in to investigate this homicide of a 12-year-old boy in a small Northern Californian seaside town, Gracepoint, where friends, family and neighbours all become prime suspects in his death.
Gracepoint billboard
People may be familiar with David Tennant from his popular stint as the 'Tenth Doctor' in the 50 year old British sci-fi series, Doctor Who, and this time around he'll be partnering with Breaking Bad's award-winning Anna Gunn (not Olivia Colman) as the local detective 'Ellie Miller', initially resentful of this outsider's involvement after being promised the ranking position in her town's police force and hit hard by her connection to the victim's family, her son was the best friend of the murdered boy.

Other series haven't faired too well when they've been remade for U.S. audiences, take for example AMC's ten-part series Low Winter Sun based on a British two-part Channel 4 mini-series of the same name that also saw the same actor, Mark Strong, playing both lead roles.

In addition The Bridge was also remade from the original Danish-Swedish and The Killing was also adapted from another Danish crime drama. None of them have really found the same success or acclaim of the original overseas versions. Will this be the show that breaks the mold?
Gracepoint series premiere billboard
This compelling billboard creative for Gracepoint, showing the detectives approaching a child's shoe on a beach, was first spotted along La Brea Avenue in West Hollywood on September 10, plus later along La Cienega Boulevard on September 14, 2014.

Who killed 'Danny Solano' and will it be the same person as killed 'Danny Latimer' in the original U.K. series? Looks like we're all going to have to watch and learn as the mystery of U.S. remake unravels.
Gracepoint series premiere fox billboard

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