Thursday, September 11, 2014

Deliverance Creek TV movie billboards...

Deliverance Creek tv movie premiere billboard
Deliverance Creek sounds like it may be a Western-themed show, but this billboard for the new Lifetime TV movie looks a bit more mystical with all those striking flying red tresses.
Deliverance Creek Lifetime billboard
Nicholas Sparks' best-selling novels have spawned many popular romantic movies in recent times, including weepies The Notebook and Dear John, but this is the first time he's written for the small screen.
Deliverance Creek Lifetime billboard
The two-hour period film which takes place during the U.S. Civil War looks like it will serve as a backdoor pilot for a potential hourlong revenge drama if successful.
Deliverance Creek TV billboard
Six Feet Under's Lauren Ambrose stars as the widowed mother of three, 'Belle Gatlin Barlowe', who will do anything to protect her family and their land from the corrupt bank that runs her town, even if it means going outside the rules and becoming an outlaw to survive.
Deliverance Creek Lifetime movie billboard
These eye-catching Deliverance Creek billboards with their turbulent skies and fiery hair were spotted at the busy intersection of San Vicente Boulevard and Wilshire Boulevard on August 22, plus over L.A.'s Sunset Plaza on September 6, 2014.
Deliverance Creek billboard Sunset Strip
If you're a fan of the network, be sure to also check out these other Lifetime TV movie billboards from recent years.
Deliverance Creek Lifetime billboard

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