Sunday, September 28, 2014

A to Z series premiere TV billboards...

A to Z season 1 billboard
Another day and another new sitcom trying to make an impact this Fall TV season alongside the likes of Marry Me, Black-ish, Selfie and more besides.
A to Z series premiere billboard
How I Met Your Mother's Cristin Miloti and Mad Men's Ben Feldman prove that not every relationship is as easy as ABC in NBC's new relationship comedy, A to Z.
A to Z season 1 billboard
Idealistic 'Andrew', who works at an online dating company called Wallflower, and no-nonsense lawyer 'Zelda' (did you see what they did with the names?) are brought together by a twist of fate and this new show will chronicle their relationship, from their meeting to their break-up.
A to Z NBC sitcom billboard
Sounds interesting, although a bit fatalistic, like a ticking time bomb.

Most sitcoms and dramas usually prefer to keep you waiting for when the main characters get together, so it will be interesting to see what breaks this couple apart. And is this a concept that can last multiple seasons.
A to Z series launch billboard
The standard landscape billboard for A to Z was first spied along Pico Boulevard on August 27 and later along Sunset Boulevard on September 14, whilst the squarer version was spotted in the skies over Beverly Boulevard on September 16, 2014.
A to Z billboard
For another kind of A to Z billboard be sure to check out this fun Apple iPad billboard.
A to Z series premiere billboard
Now let's wait and see if A to Z has the roadmap to your funny bone, or whether it will crash and burn with the countless other failed sitcoms this season.
A to Z series premiere billboard

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