Friday, August 29, 2014

The Killing final season four TV billboard...

The Killing final season 4 billboard
Did The Killing ever really recover from its fatal first season faux pas of not revealing the killer of Rosie Larson in its final episode, like in the acclaimed Danish show Forbrydelsen it was based on?

Maybe that's why the crime thriller was cancelled after two seasons, only to be renewed for a third at AMC and then passed to Netflix for a final fourth swan song season.
The Killing final season 4 billboard
This melancholy series finale billboard, snapped along Robertson Boulevard on August 22, 2014, seems like a fitting send off for homicide detectives 'Sarah Linden' (Mireille Enos)' and 'Stephen Holder' (Joel Kinnaman) as they take on one final murder mystery.
The Killing season 4 billboard
It seems appropriate that we say farewell to this series before we are bombarded by an onslaught of new Fall season shows hoping to capture our imagination and viewership (and you just know more than a few of them will be procedural crime dramas).

But if you are fan of the show, be sure to enjoy all these previous season one, season two and season three billboards for The Killing.
The Killing final season 4 billboard

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