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Why is Miley Cyrus so Twerked Off? minimum wage billboard...

Why is Miley Cyrus so Twerked off billboard
Hmmm, Daily Billboard wonders if Miley Cyrus realises her legacy will not so much be her own brand of pop music, but instead sticking out her tongue and twerking with Robin Thicke at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.

Regardless of her often controversial exploits, she's certainly captured the zeitgeist of a generation and that's why the conservative lobbying group, Employment Policies Institute, has chosen her image and celebrity as an ambassador to help argue that the increase in the minimum wage will increase unemployment for California teenagers and unskilled workers.
Miley Cyrus Twerked off billboard
The real question is, does anyone believe that the pop princess really cares about teenage workers considering that she's never been paid a minimum wage in her entire life, with a famous country singer father, Billy Ray Cyrus, and her lucrative Disney Channel Hannah Montana contract meaning that she's probably never faced a day of real financial hardship.

Also does anyone really think raising the minimum wage is a bad thing, especially for those living in virtual poverty working at fast food restaurant chains where the staff are vastly underpaid, whilst the CEOs and senior executives take home millions in salaries, perks and bonuses each and every year.
Miley Cyrus Twerked off Bad Idea CA billboard
Maybe Miley would be more 'twerked off' by the fact that if some of the 1% didn't take so much, there'd be more to offer the other 99% when it came to fair pay conditions.

One thing is for sure though, this clever billboard is certainly eye-catching (no matter how factually accurate) and was snapped along West Hollywood's Sunset Strip on July 9, 2014.
Miley Cyrus Twerked off minimum wage billboard
UPDATED: The fiscally conservative Employment Policies Institute is using the same kinds of tactics again in 2016 and taking advantage of the recent escalation in public feuding between Taylor Swift and Kanye West to turn heads and push their anti-minimum wage raising agenda.
Why are Kanye Taylor Swift so upset Faces of 15 billboard
This 'Faces of 15' billboard, which was snapped along West Hollywood's Sunset Strip on August 15, 2016, is obviously targeting a youthful audience, using scare tactics about entry level jobs to confuse young voters. 

Daily Billboard wonders if the real reason these two celebrities are upset is because they are being used in an ad campaign without their permission.
Why Kanye Taylor Swift so upset minimum wage billboard

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