Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Summer 2014 drinks billboards...

insides something to smile about Coffee Bean Tea Leaf billboard
Not content to let Starbucks claim the skies of L.A. with their refreshing drinks offerings this Summer, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf company has unleashed its own onslaught of cool outdoor ads to get passersby mouths watering.
Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Keep cool billboard
These product-led creatives may be simple, but with their clever use of evocative words like 'Happy', 'Keep Cool' and 'Smile About' they grab your attention from afar and capture the spirit of enjoying Summer.
pouring happy Coffee Bean billboard
They are not just making you a mouth-watering, refreshing drink, they are 'pouring happy', that's a great sentiment (even, or maybe because of the fact, it's topped with calorie-laden whipped cream and chocolate sauce).
Carpe Diem Coffee Bean special extension billboard
So just like this 'Carpe diem' ad creative suggests, it's time to seize the day, all day long and fill up on ice-blended drinks.
Keep cool Summer on Coffee Bean Tea Leaf billboard
And compared to Starbucks who have a short and snappy brand name, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, doesn't exactly trip of your tongue, so they almost have to work hard to get their message across.
smile about Coffee Bean Tea Leaf billboard
The 'Smile about' special extension billboard was first spied along Wilshire Boulevard on July 11, whilst the other standard landscape and smaller ad creatives were snapped on July 30, 2014 along the major commuter routes of Beverly Boulevard, La Cienega Boulevard, Melrose Avenue and Sunset Boulevard.
Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Keep cool Summer on billboard
Coffee Bean Carpe Diem billboard
Be sure to compare these ads to Starbucks Summer beverage billboards to see how the coffeehouse chains differ in their advertising approach.
Happy Coffee Bean Tea Leaf billboard
Don't say you're not tempted to slurp down these icy cool drinks this Summer, just pass the straw.
Keep cool Coffee Bean billboard

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