Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Blurry Drunk History season two TV billboards...

Blurry George Washington Drunk History season 2 billboard
No, don't adjust your screen, that is a blurry George Washington you're looking at and it's the inspired ad creative for the second season of Drunk History.
Blurry Drunk History season 2 billboard
For its debut season on Comedy Central, Drunk History used a President Richard Nixon parody billboard to promote itself and for their sophomore season the show is traveling further back in time and using the first U.S. President through a distorted lens to sell the intoxicated concept of the series.
Drunk History season 2 billboard
This season expect the likes of David Cross, Courtney Cox, John Lithgow, Laura Dern, Patton Oswalt, Johnny Knoxville and a truck load of other notable celebrities, on hand to reenact famous names from the past in tales narrated by your inebriated host, Derek Waters.
Drunk History George Washington season 2 billboard
Drunk History's second season billboards were spied along Lincoln Boulevard in Venice and along Robertson Boulevard at Cashio Street on June 24, 2014.

This blurred Presidential portrait image really catches your eye as it forces you to do a double take, making sure someone hasn't made a mistake, and therein lies the cleverness of this billboard.
Drunk History season 2 Comedy Central billboard
UPDATED: Here's also the landscape version of the ad creative spied in Comedy Central's regular billboard location along the Sunset Strip at the top of La Cienega Boulevard on July 15, 2014.
Drunk History season 2 billboard
It's still hard to look at the blurry billboard for long without feeling a little bit queasy, making it the world's first billboard to make you feel drunk without any alcohol passing your lips.
Drunk History season 2 billboard

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