Saturday, June 28, 2014

Superjail! season four TV billboard...

Superjail! season 4 Adult Swim billboard
The Warden and the crazy inmates of Superjail! are back to serve another season within the surreal prison that exists within a volcano within another volcano in the dimension of 5612, and knowing that, you can see why the fourth season promo billboard is so absurd, chaotic and mind-boggling.
Superjail season 4 billboard Sunset Strip
The head-trippy billboards for the animated Adult Swim show from the mind of Christy Karacas always deliver a riot of colour and kalediascopic concepts, enough to dazzle any passerby with the promise of more ridiculous prison brawls and a multitude of weird inmates.
Superjail season 4 billboard
This wonderfully bizarre season four billboard for Superjail! was snapped along Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood on June 12, 2014, and if you like this ad creative, be sure to check out this Superjail! season two billboard and season three promo billboard.

Stay tuned this season to see what stuff made it past the censors this year.
Superjail! season 4 billboard

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