Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dominion series premiere TV billboards...

Dominion series premiere billboard
If you're ready for Heaven to raise Hell on Earth, then you'll love Syfy's new angels versus mortals series this Summer.
Dominion series launch billboard
Taking place 25 years after the events of 2010's fantasy horror Legion, starring Paul Bettany as fallen archangel 'Michael', this post-apocalyptic supernatural series takes place in the aftermath of a world which survived the battle between the lower angels led by archangel 'Gabriel' and mankind.
Dominion series premiere TV billboard
Christopher Egan stars as 'Alex Lannen', the grown up baby from the original movie who escaped the wrath of the renegade angels, and is now a soldier in the new world order of a reborn Las Vegas, or the fortress city of 'Vega', and the unlikely saviour of humanity.
Dominion series premiere Syfy billboard
This dramatic promotional artwork is a great culture clash between classical Italian paintings and contemporary movie gunfights, the angel visual itself is an homage to Guido Reni's Baroque 17th century painting of the Archangel Michael.
Dominion season 1 billboard
Photographed by Peter Lippman, who has the knack of making photos look like they've been painted, this is clearly one of the best and most intriguing Summer TV season promo artworks (although FX's Tyrant is probably a close competitor for that crown).
Dominion season 1 Syfy billboard
The square ad creative was spied at Hollywood & Highland on June 1, whilst the smaller landscape version was spotted along the Sunset Strip the next day and larger landscape billboard was snapped at the intersection of La Cienega and Venice Boulevard on June 12, 2014.

If you like these outdoor ads, be sure to also check out the atmospheric winged Legion movie billboards from 2010 that started it all.
Dominion season 1 Syfy billboard
The question is, are viewers that interested in a franchise that was a cult hit at best, especially in a TV landscape where we've seen the 'Winchester Boys' in Supernatural facing off against angels for several seasons already.

Syfy better start praying to the heavens that their Dominion has a place in audiences TV watching schedules, or it may find itself in cancellation hell.
Dominion series launch billboard

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