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Andre Ziehe 2(X)ist men's swimwear and underwear Summer 2014 billboards...

2(X)ist men's swimwear Summer 2014 billboard
Gorgeous Brazilian model Andre Ziehe has been gracing the skies of West Hollywood, and turning heads for months now in L.A. for designer underwear and swimwear brand 2(X)ist, so the question that must be asked is, is this the body of Summer?
2Xist Beach Stripe men's underwear Summer 2014 billboard
Let's face it, men want to look like him with his perfect pecs and washboard abs, and some, along with more than a few women probably want to date him.
Andre Ziehe 2Xist Beach Stripe underwear Summer 2014 billboard
Ever since the Calvin Klein introduced designer underwear in the early 80's and revolutionised how they were advertised with their buff male models in their tighty whiteys in black and white ad campaigns, being a male underwear model has been about having the perfect body to sell the fantasy that you too can look this good, or feel this confident, if you wear this brand.
Andre Ziehe 2Xist Swimwear Summer 2014 billboard
The worm has certainly turned in that once it was the female form that was subjected to this level of scrutiny about the ideal body, not that that has gone away, but nowadays it feels like it's a slightly more equal playing field and the idealised male body image is all about the chiseled face and perfect torso, with its rippling six-pack, impressive pectoral muscles and huge biceps.
2Xist Turbo underwear Summer 2014 billboard
Yes, if you're a man you can either feel intimidated, motivated or titillated by these 2(X)ist billboards, so there's something for everyone.
Andre Ziehe 2Xist Swimwear Summer 2014 billboard
The Turbo underwear billboards were first spied along Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood on March 28, and followed by swimwear ads in the same location and along 3rd Street (near to the Macy's men's store at The Beverly Center) in April and May, with new Beach Stripe underwear creatives appearing along Beverly Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard at the beginning of June 2014.
2Xist Beach Stripe underwear Summer 2014 billboard
If you're a fan of Andre Ziehe, be sure to check out more of his 2(X)ist underwear billboards from previous outdoor campaigns in 2011.
Andre Ziehe 2Xist Swimwear 2014 billboards
And if you're an admirer of the male form, be sure to also take a look at these Matthew Terry Calvin Klein underwear billboards, David Beckham H&M underwear billboards and this Armani Exchange men's underwear billboard, with many more examples for comparison, both male and female underwear and swimwear models, here at Daily Billboard.
2Xist Turbo underwear Summer 2014 billboard
UPDATED: Andre Ziehe is back in the skies of L.A. with another creative, this time for 2(X)ist trunks, snapped along Santa Monica Boulevard on August 12, 2014.
Andre Ziehe 2Xist trunks underwear billboard
UPDATED: It's amazing how many styles of swimwear and underwear 2(X)ist releases and the frequency they change their billboards compared to other brands.
2Xist Electric underwear billboard
2Xist Electric underwear billboard
Here's another sexy collection of men's underwear, swimwear and activewear outdoor ads from the designer brand. These first two ad creatives for the 'Electric' underwear range were snapped on September 11, and followed by another billboard on October 2, 2014 along above Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood.
2Xist Electric underwear billboard
2Xist mens underwear billboard Nov14
Next up are some more underwear prints and everyday activegear billboards photographed in November 2014.
2Xist mens activegear billboard Nov 14
2Xist 2015 swimwear billboard
2(X)ist started 2015 with this swimwear billboard and then for a time this ad location was taken over by these Gaydar dating app billboards for the most of Spring.
2Xist Spring 2015 billboard
2Xist Tropic underwear billboard
In May 2015 the brand was back and showing off the variety of its swimwear, leisurewear and underwear offering with this vibrant billboard, followed by this ad snapped on June 19, 2015 for its 'Tropic' underwear range.
2Xist underwear billboard August 2015
2Xist activegear billboard Sep15
Another blue underwear billboard followed at the start of August, replaced by this new active gear ad creative and a colourful billboard for its 'Barcode' underwear range spotted on September 13, 2015.
2Xist Barcode underwear billboard
2Xist sliq micro trunk billboard
On October 10, 2015 this 'Sliq' micro trunk billboard was snapped alone with another activegear ad from the cool desert photo story.
2Xist activegear billboard
2Xist swimwear billboard Dec15
Next on the menu at the beginning of December 2015 were these swimwear and sporty activewear ads turning heads.
2Xist activewear billboard
2Xist Spring 2016 billboard
In March 2(X)ist continued to cater to the Southern California beach lifestyle, whether it be relaxed looks, or sporty speedos for paddle-boarding.
2Xist mens underwear billboard
At the end of March 2016 they continued to showcase their variety of briefs and trunk underwear styles, plus some classic white underwear too.
2Xist men's white underwear billboard
2Xist men's tank billboard
And at the end of April 2016 it was time to show off some new swimwear and underwear for Summer.
2Xist swimwear billboard
As you can see there's been no shortage of men's underwear and swimwear styles to chose from and hot bodies to ogle over, and we're sure there's many more still to come.
2Xist green underwear billboard

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