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Vintage style Mad Men 2014 Emmy Consideration billboards...

Don Draper sunglasses Mad Men vintage Emmy billboard 2014
In an ad campaign worthy of Sterling Cooper itself, the Emmy Consideration campaign for Mad Men this year is a tongue-in-cheek affair, with more than pinch of flair and panache, which absolutely captures the spirit of the 60's period drama.
Peggy makeup Mad Men vintage Emmy billboard 2014
Mad Men vintage style Emmy 2014 consideration billboards Sunset Strip
These vintage-style faux product ads were the brainchild of the show's creator Matthew Weiner and The Martin Agency, and sees all your favourite Mad Men characters in mock 60's adverts for sunglasses, hair dye, jewelry, makeup, clothing collections and more besides.
Mad Men Joan redheads vintage Emmy 2014 billboard
Passed over for the past two seasons after being named Outstanding Drama in its first four seasons, you can tell that the critically-acclaimed AMC show about a 1960's Madison Avenue advertising agency is enthusiastically pursuing those Emmy Awards now it's in the midst of its seventh and final season.
Roger Madison Avenue Mad Men Emmy 2014 billboard
What's best about these fun billboard creatives is that they are totally on character, be it Christina Hendricks as the fiery redhead 'Joan Holloway' making a bold impression with her red hair dye, Kiernan Shipka as Don and Betty's Daughter, 'Sally', in a mod mini dress who has quite literally 'grown up right before your eyes' on the series and Jon Hamm smoothly modeling sunglasses as a charming man of mystery.
Sally Mad Men Statuettes Emmy 2014 consideration billboard
John Slattery as a stylish 'Roger Sterling', with cigarette in hand at an airport lounge for 'The Madison Avenue Collection' is priceless, Elisabeth Moss' journey as 'Peggy Olson' throughout the series if perfectly suited to the makeup powder concept and her transformation from shy secretary to confident creative copywriter, and January Jones 'precious metals' ad is spot on for the grass-is-always-greener 'Betty (formerly Draper) Francis'.
Betty Draper Mad Men loves pearls prefers gold Emmy 2014 billboard
These For Your Consideration Mad Men Emmy billboards were first spied popping up along L.A.'s Sunset Strip on May 12, 2014, plus joined by more creatives in the days that followed further east along Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Boulevard, Highland Avenue and high over Vine Street in Hollywood.
Jon Hamm movie TV billboards Sunset Strip
Daily Billboard also thought it was interesting that John Hamm had two billboards close to each other along the Strip for two very different projects, one for his new Disney movie Million Dollar Arm and one from this ad campaign.
Mad Men Peggy vintage Emmy 2014 billboard Sunset Strip
Mad Men Don Draper vintage Emmy 2014 billboard
If you're a fan of the show, consider also checking out all these past Mad Men season promo billboards.
Mad Men Joan vintage Emmy 2014 billboard
Mad Men Roger vintage Emmy 2014 billboard
Daily Billboard loves these playful retro ads, but our favourite is Joan's striking billboard, as this redhead certainly knows how to turn heads and deserves more than a few nods (and Emmy nominations and wins too).

Stay tuned in the days to come for even more Emmy consideration billboards for your favourite TV shows appearing in the skies of L.A. at the moment.
Mad Men Betty vintage Emmy 2014 billboard
UPDATED: These retro-inspired Mad Men billboards are certainly capturing the imagination of passersby (and Daily Billboard's visitors, if web stats are anything to go by), so here's another creative execution that perfectly hits the mark, featuring 'Pete Campbell' (played by Vincent Kartheiser) advertising 'executive pomade' hair styling product.
Vintage Mad Men Pete Campbell 2014 Emmy billboard
This Emmy nomination garnering billboard was snapped along Santa Monica Boulevard on May 27, 2014.
Pete Campbell Mad Men 2014 Emmy billboard
Plus here's an unobstructed view of another 'Roger Sterling' billboard recently added along Sunset Boulevard on June 3, 2014.
Roger Sterling Mad Men 2014 Emmy billboard

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