Monday, May 26, 2014

The World Wars mini-series TV billboards...

Roosevelt World Wars mini-series billboard
In honour of Memorial Day and all the veterans that have fought bravely in the past, present and future, the History channel has a special three-night event mini-series to mark the occasion, The World Wars.
Hitler The World Wars billboard
Narrated by The Hurt Locker star and sharp-shooting 'Hawkeye' in The Avengers, Jeremy Renner, the series takes a look at the bloodiest century in history and at the war heroes and monsters that come of age in the trenches of World War I, only to become the infamous leaders of World War II.
Stalin The World Wars mini-series billboard
This clever outdoor ad campaign for The World Wars has the younger historical figures of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler casting their older shadow to illustrate the passage of time and the men they become (being British, Daily Billboard would love to see a Winston Churchill version, so if anyone sees one please shout).
Roosevelt The World Wars History billboard
Even though it's a historical fact, it almost seems wrong having a billboard featuring Hitler, one of the most notorious mass-murderers of all time, giving a Nazi salute (even as a shadow) in the skies of Los Angeles, so Daily Billboard wonders if passersby have been offended at all by this particular ad creative.
Hitler World Wars History billboard Sunset Strip
The 'Roosevelt' ad creative was first spied along the Sunset Strip on April 26, followed by the 'Hitler' billboard in the same West Hollywood location on May 7, whilst the 'Stalin' version was spotted along Cahuenga Boulevard in Hollywood on May 13, 2014.
Stalin World Wars History billboard
Enjoy the rest of your long Memorial Day weekend, and if you have a moment, be sure to also check out these other History channel TV show billboards for more eye-catching ad creatives.
Roosevelt World Wars History billboard
And if you're wondering what that spiky extension peaking over the top of all these billboards is, be sure to take a look at these special movie billboards for Godzilla for the answer.
Hitler The World Wars billboard Sunset Strip

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