Sunday, April 27, 2014

Gucci sunglasses vs Prada Eyewear Spring 2014 billboards...

Gucci sunglasses Spring 2014 billboard
Once again that old rivalry has surfaced in the skies of L.A., as Gucci sunglasses take on Prada Eyewear in another high fashion battle of the billboards along L.A.'s Sunset Strip.
Prada Eyewear Spring 2014 billboard
It's the most glamorous catfight over who has the most fabulous specs this season, or maybe it should be who has the biggest or more colourful eyewear frames (adorned with gemstones no less), by the looks of these designer ads.
Gucci vs Prada Eyewear Spring 2014 billboards Sunset Strip
Both fashion labels currently have their latest eyewear looks near each other along the same stretch of Sunset Boulevard beside the infamous Chateau Marmont Hotel, although the vibrant Prada Eyewear billboard was first snapped on April 3, whilst the bold Gucci ad creative appeared later in the month and was photographed on April 24, 2014.
Gucci sunglasses SS 2014 billboard
And obviously two models are better than one this year, with Amanda Wellsh and Elisabeth Erm for Gucci facing off against Malaika Firth and Anna Ewers for Prada.
Prada Eyewear April 2014 billboard
This is not the first attempt by Prada Eyewear to woo passersby into buying their new sunglasses this season, as this earlier billboard with more classic specs was spied in the same location on January 22, 2014.
Prada Eyewear January 2014 billboard
Let's face it, there's never a bad time of year to advertise sunglasses in sunny Southern California, where shades are not only a fashion accessory, but a daily necessity. But in Hollywoodland the more daring and fabulous you look, the more you stand out. The more you stand out, the better your chances of being discovered (or at least noticed poolside) - it's the LA LA Land circle of life.
Gucci Eyewear Spring 2014 billboard
If you like these ads, be sure to check out these previous billboard battles for eyewear domination in the skies of L.A. from seasons past and stay tuned in the weeks to come as there's no doubt more bespectacled beauties with soon be appearing to grace this city's skyline.

And finally, who do you think wins this battle of the designer eyewear billboards, Gucci or Prada?
Prada Eyewear SS14 billboard

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