Friday, February 7, 2014

Vampire Academy movie billboards...

Vampire Academy movie billboard
From the looks of things, Hollywoodland isn't quite ready to give up the ghost on the vampire genre quite yet, if these billboards for Vampire Academy are anything to go by.
Vampire Academy movie billboard Sunset Strip
Adapted from the popular young-adult supernatural romance novels by Richelle Mead, the film follows two best friends at St. Vladimir's Academy'Rose Hathaway' (played by Zoe Deutch) is a half-human/vampire hybrid or 'Dhampir', training to be the guardian of her royal BFF, 'Lissa Dragomir' (Lucy Fry), a princess of the peaceful, magical mortal vampires or 'Moroi'.

Not only do they have to take on the lies, secrets and backstabbing of boarding school (with the director Mean Girls, Mark Waters, at the helm this shouldn't be a problem), but they also have to face the threat of the undead, bloodthirsty 'Strigio' vampires (and maybe a forbidden attraction to one of their school teachers at the same time).
Vampire Academy movie billboard
You normally think of witches with the colour green, rather than vampires (so lucky there's some elemental magic involved in this movie), but the monochromatic green and hot pink design is a nice jarring combination and a clever trick to catch your eye in a sea of ever-changing billboards.
Vampire Academy film billboard
These Vampire Academy movie billboards were first spied on February 3, 2014, along the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood in two separate locations.

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Vampire Academy film billboard

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