Thursday, February 13, 2014

TV WEEK: Crisis series premiere billboards...

Crisis series premiere billboard
Are you ready for another Crisis?

NBC hopes their new action thriller will grab your attention this season when students of Washington, D.C.'s elite, big business CEOs, international diplomats, political heavyweights and even the President's son, are ambushed on a school trip outing.
Crisis season 1 billboard
With their children at the mercy of a ruthless mastermind, how far will these powerful parents go to protect their kids and ensure their safe return.

Familiar faces like Lance Gross star as a Secret Service agent on his first day on the job, Rachael Taylor as an FBI agent who finds out her niece, the daughter of Gillian Anderson's successful CEO, has been kidnapped, plus Dermot Mulroney, Max Martini and Michael Beach all make for an impressive cast in what sounds like a bit of a mashup of Scandal and Hostages.
Crisis season 1 billboard
This billboard for the new conspiracy drama, spied along Sunset Boulevard at Laurel Canyon Boulevard on February 1, 2014, doesn't immediately convey what the series is about. The show's title is actually the most striking thing and recognizable faces like X-Files Gillian Anderson (fresh from a great guest turn on Hannibal) help it stand out the most, whilst the blue background gives it that crime procedural feel.
Crisis series launch billboard
Let's hope the new series itself is more impressive than the launch billboard and that the show is more a Crisis and not a catastrophic disaster.
Crisis series 1 billboard
UPDATED: Here's a different squarer format billboard for NBC's Crisis snapped along Fairfax Avenue on February 21, 2014.
Crisis NBC billboard

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