Friday, February 28, 2014

TV WEEK: Believe series premiere billboards...

Believe series premiere NBC billboard
Another year and another new TV season for studios and networks to get audiences to believe in their new offerings.
Believe series launch billboard
This midseason NBC will premiere Believe, its new fantastical drama from J. J. Abrams and Alfonso CuarĂ³n.

The pretty young face of Believe is played by Johnny Sequoyah as 'Bo', a mysterious and gifted girl (even though the actress seems to have a boy's name) who is fleeing from assassins and sinister forces pursuing her and her unlikely ex-con guardian, 'Tate' (Jake McLaughlin).
Believe TV billboard
Born with abilities like telekinesis, precognition and control over nature, this 10-year-old is on the run from dangerous people who want to use her powers to control the world.
Believe season 1 billboard
The standard landscape billboard for Believe was first spied along Highland Avenue on February 1 and the larger, more striking version, was spotted along Sunset Boulevard on a brighter February 3, 2014.

This series launch ad creative evokes a young Drew Barrymore in the 1984 cinematic adaptation of Stephen King's Firestarter, which was also about a little girl with paranormal powers.

Let's hope this child star can handle the fame and Believe doesn't crash and burn upon arrival.
Believe NBC billboard
UPDATED: How amazing must it be for young Johnny Sequoyah to see herself super-sized on this series launch billboard for Believe.
Giant Believe series launch billboard
This giant striking wall mural was spied along Wilshire Boulevard in Westwood on March 10, 2014.
Giant Believe season 1 billboard
One thing's for sure, the world's going to change for this extraordinary girl.
Giant Believe season 1 billboard

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