Friday, February 14, 2014

TV WEEK: The Americans season two billboards...

The Americans season 2 billboard
Happy Valentine's Day. Red can mean love and passion, but it can also mean danger.
The Americans 2 billboard
Daily Billboard simply adores these bold red ad creatives for the sophomore season of FX's Cold War sleeper agent spy thriller, The Americans.
The Americans season 2 billboard
Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell return as 'Philip' and 'Elizabeth Jennings', KGB spies living a suburban charade in 1980's U.S.A., embroiled in government espionage, dangerous missions and brutal encounters, all whilst raising their all-American children.
The Americans season 2 billboard Sunset Strip
This season will see the married undercover spies struggling to protect their young children from increasingly risky assignments, all the while living across the street from their FBI agent neighbour, 'Stan Beeman' (played by Noah Emmerich).
Americans season 2 FX billboard
If you like old-school spy craft, like dodgy disguises, torture, brutal hand-to-hand combat and a wonderfully devious Margo Martindale, all mixed in with some big 80's hair and flares, then you're sure to love this highly addictive series if you haven't discovered it already (The Goldbergs 80's-based sitcom this ain't).
The Americans season 2 billboard Sunset Boulevard
These vibrant red billboards certainly evoke the Soviet spirit, and whilst modern Russia is probably best avoided with all its abhorrent human rights violations, this thrilling series is definitely must-see television.
The Americans season 2 billboard
The powerful all-red and black version was spied along the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood on February 3, whilst the ad creative with the white title logo was spotted along Melrose Avenue two days earlier, plus along Beverly Boulevard on February 12, 2014.
The Americans season 2 billboard
If you're a fan of the FX period spy drama, be sure to also check out these fantastic season one billboards for The Americans, which were an homage to Soviet Cold War propaganda imagery.
The Americans series 2 billboard

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