Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Dodgers Network launch billboards...

Dodgers Network Yasiel Puig billboard
Dodgers fans are in for a treat this year from February 25, 2014, with a whole new TV network dedicated to their favourite baseball team on SportsNet LA.
Dodgers Network Clayton Kershaw billboard
The Dodgers Network will not only televise Spring Training games daily, but will also take supporters behind-the-scenes and offer in-depth access to the sporting organization, providing lots of new and never-before-seen content and thousands of hours of Dodger programming.
Dodgers Network Adrian Gonzalez billboard
These sporty special extension billboards for the new network launch, featuring players like Yasiel Puig, Clayton Kershaw and Adrian Gonzalez, have sprung about around L.A. at the start of the year, along Santa Monica Boulevard in Westwood, Holloway Drive in West Hollywood and Ventura Boulevard in Studio City, snapped from January 29 to February 14, 2014.
Dodgers whole new blue billboard Apr 2013
The fortunes of the L.A. Dodgers certainly seem to be improving (at least off the ball field) since the bankrupt team was bought from owner Frank McCourt in 2012 by the Guggenheim Baseball Management team, which included former Lakers star Magic Johnson and former Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals President Stan Kasten, for a record $2 billion.
Dodgers LA tradition billboard Mar 2012
As you can see from this array of billboard creatives from recent years, the Dodgers have had several different ad campaigns to help drive attendance and interest in their games.
Dodgers Friday Night Baseball billboard May 2011
The team have tried everything from overtly baseball-themed ads to the 'This Is My Town' Dodgertown campaign which ran from 2009 through 2010 and featured actual Dodgers baseball players, plus a variety of celebrities, from famous TV personalities like Larry King, to musicians like Alice Cooper, Motley Crue and the Black Eyed Peas, and more besides.
Dodgers voice of summer billboard
Be sure to also check out these Dodgertown billboards featuring The Osbournes and guitarist Slash from along the Sunset Strip in August 2010, and even a specially enhanced glittering lightsaber Dodgertown billboard featuring Yoda from Star Wars from July 2009.
Larry King Dodgertown billboard
The objective of the out-of-home campaign was to generate interest and excitement for the upcoming season amongst all of Los Angeles' diverse cultures and communities, all ages, all genders and races, and make them all feel like this was their town they were and should be supporting.
Motley Crue Dodgertown billboard Sep 09
Black Eyed Peas Dodgertown billboard Oct 09
You can find out more about the aims and execution of this previous L.A. Dodgers campaign courtesy of Lamar Advertising.
This is my town Dodgertown billboard Jun 2010
Dodgertown billboard Sunset Strip July 2010
The new ad campaign for The Dodgers Network certainly seems to be going back to the team's roots, showcasing the players and the Dodgers traditional blue and white colours in a big way, plus they manage to capture some of the action and excitement of baseball with their choice of images.
Dodgers Network billboard
Dodgers Network billboard
What do you think? Will you 'Live. Breathe. Blue.' with the L.A. Dodgers in 2014?
Dodgers Network extension billboard

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