Saturday, February 1, 2014

MOVIE WEEK: RoboCop remake billboards...

Robocop movie remake billboard
'Crime has a new enemy?' That's hardly accurate is it.
RoboCop movie remake billboard
RoboCop is back on the beat with a whole new look for 2014 (or 2028 Detroit), as following several movie sequels to 1987's ultra-violent original, plus TV and cartoon spin-offs, the cyborg law enforcer is being rebooted for a whole new generation.
Robocop movie billboard
In this cinematic version, the critically wounded cop is played by Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman rather than Peter Weller, with a darker less metallic look for the future's troubled times (and a nice red visor which makes him look like a cross between the X-Men's Cyclops and Battlestar Galactica's Cylons).
Robocop movie billboard
The original movie was a brilliant slice of science fiction and satirical social commentary, so it'll be interesting to see if this new reboot has the depth of its predecessor, or whether it just goes for all-out action and mindless violence.
Robocop 2014 movie remake billboard
One thing's for sure, these billboards for the remake certainly scream law enforcement and sci-fi with their red and blue lights silhouetting the police cyborg.
Robocop remake billboard
Let's see if this is one 80/90's film franchise that can achieve a successful re-imagining, as did enough people actually see the recent Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit movie to warrant another film and let's face it, the Judge Dredd movie reboot from 2012 wasn't exactly a box office success either.
Robocop 2014 movie billboard
RoboCop 2014 remake billboard
The imposing portrait ad creative was first spied along Highland Avenue on January 10, whilst the landscape versions were snapped along Sunset Boulevard in two different locations, plus along Melrose Avenue on January 16 and January 29, 2014, respectively. In addition the squarer billboard was spotted along Fairfax Avenue on February 1, 2014.
Robocop movie remake billboard
Fingers crossed this RoboCop has been rebuilt and upgraded the right way.
Robocop movie billboard

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